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File Name: HOUDINI (56.51 MB) Download
Author: GRANIT (Uploaded by fastdraw)
Date Added: 11-29-2019
Downloads: 44
Grade: Not Rated
countdown game set to 180s (not finalized)
pinball plays alone after start (key 1) (auto-flipper and auto-plunger). the magic of Houdini.
so you can make a coffee, while the pinball plays. ))
vuk ok , ok ramp , animation catch ball (trunk) ok
manual selection of the trunk animation (keys H and J), vuk (key G) "ejection" ball (key F).
later shake padlocks and animation "carousel"
script countdown by Albert.

HOUDINI by fastdraw on 11-29-2019
You do not have permission to download files


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