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tiltjlp's Articles

A collection of Articles written by tiltjlp. Most of these are over 10 years old and were imported from Pinball Nirvana's old home page so links have been removed.

Treasured Friends

by John L. Patton, tiltjlp

Ofttimes our lives consist of little more
Than some unfulfilled hopes of emptiness
Which somehow we never do believe enough
To consider more serious than as a fantasy
Now is it a matter that our dreams extend
Beyond our abilities of human achievement
Or simply that we feel life is but a game

But as children we are permitted to believe
In almost any and every single possibility
And imagination becomes our best playmate
Until it's decided that the...

Penny Arcade Memories

Having been born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, I had the good fortune to have two old-fashioned amusement parks to visit each summer. Coney Island was about twenty miles east of town, while LaSourdesville Lake was thirty miles north. Coney, as everyone called it, was the precursor to Kings Island, and has made a comeback after being closed when Kings Island opened. LaSourdesville Lake closed several years ago, although its new owners vow they will try to reopen for next season. They plan...

A Way To Better Originals

Some folks seem to feel that the future of VP is in original table creation. I tend to agree, up to a point, but feel that our future might not be very rosy, for several reasons. Too many developers seem to make the same basic table over every time they release a new work. What I mean by that is that not every single table must have multiple ramps and more flippers than fingers on a hand. There should be more to a pinball game than ramp combos and loud, intrusive, blaring music, much more. I...

A Blending Of Old And New

I've often wondered why the pinball companies abandoned Flipperless once Whiffle
and Baffle Ball, the first two flippered games appeared. If it had been me,
I would have tried offering some dual mode games, at least for a while, just
to see if such a scheme would increase my profits. And surely, when sales did
began to slip and pin companies began failing, I think they might have found
a way to survive in making Blended games. Sure, I'm that Flipperless nut, but
keep reading, maybe my...

tiltjlp's 1st PinGame Journal Article!

Author's Note: This article appears due to the kind permission of Jim Schelberg, publisher of PinGame Journal, where it originally appeared in Issue # 93, September 2002. The PinGame Journal is the only remaining English language Pinball publication. I will be an ocassional contributer to PGJ, but that shouldn't keep you from being a regular reader. Subscription and back issue information is available Bullet6 Here Please note that this article was written for an audience not familiar with...
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