Aloha (Gottlieb, 1961)

Gottlieb Aloha (Gottlieb, 1961) 1.00

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You must use the "L" key in orfer to lift the ball.
You can toggle (by the toggle HUD key) the HUD reel.
You access to the adjustment menu by the Special2Key.

Insert one coin and wait for machine to reset before inserting coin for second player.
Players take turns shooting as shown on back glass.
Points are scored as indicated.
A tilt by one player disqualifies only that player.

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Latest reviews

Really nice table.
You can see that the table designer love what he is doing.
The graphic and sound is sharp and exelent created, the Ball is flowing over the field, the physics are also great. The gameplay is also fun.
I like the tables from the past. :)

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