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really fun game! thank you.
great table, very attractive. thank you!
i really like how different this table is. sometimes even a long player for a 1950 table. have to decode the current 10000s score digit.
fun game. thank you!
a nice version of an entertaining game. love the way the lower bumper blasts away. thank you!
fun and looks great. thank you.
very attractive and fun game. one of the few gobble hole games i play. thank you!
i like 2 versions of this table, and this one is my favorite to play. it's a blast when all 7 balls are in play at once--total chaos. recommended.
another great historical [correcting myself] one. thank you so much!
omg--this table is beautiful and fantastic. have people really not responded to this? not a long player, but it's gorgeous & historic. highly recommended.
08-15-2019 at 09:42 AM
many thanks
For cp_16 in Roms
For freedom in Roms
:cheers: thanks
For genie in Roms
thanks a lot:cheers: