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Hi All,
This is a MOD of ROM's MINIONS table. Great table, especially for kids and of course us big kids as well. :)
Authors: Rom, @NitroNimbus.

I was doing my typical upgrades to this table and thought I would try out the new gif feature now possible with BAM. Thanks Rav!!

Had fun animating some eyeballs and adding movie clips. It's so easy now compared to the daunting task of adding each frame individually.

Load times are a bit long because of the gifs but game play doesn't miss a beat.
I would have added more clips but I think this would cause too long loading times and crashes. I have only ran this on a high end PC so would be interested if any one has any problems or lag. Hope you enjoy, cheers!
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Truly cool to watch the videos. It makes playing the table more engaging for me. ...Plus it has dynamic flippers and XML. You have learned a lot. Nicely done!
it's a minions table. You'll know what's coming... or not :)
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