Mr. Do! v1.3b and Cosmic Do! v1.0 by Mike Hanson

VP8 Mr. Do! v1.3b and Cosmic Do! v1.0 by Mike Hanson 2020-04-18

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This is a double-shot: a lovely little early-VP pinball based on Mr. Do! (Universal, 1982), plus a completely different, but quite nifty arcade game based on Cosmic Guerilla (Universal, 1979).

Author's homepage (with downloads) is still available via the Wayback Machine:

The arcade game also appears in this collection:

NOTE: Cosmic Do! was scanned with up-to-date Windows 10 Defender on 4/17/2020. No issues were found for this 2003 game. It does require DirectPlay, which will auto-install from Microsoft with the user's permission. --@Ike Savage
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