Red Ryder Corral (Gotham Pressed Steel, c.1940)

VP8 Red Ryder Corral (Gotham Pressed Steel, c.1940) 2020-01-28

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Red Ryder Coirral is a 10 ball game, which double scoring holes on each side of the ramp. While I suspect that there were pins or nails to deflect the pat of the ball, the playfield image only shows a few pins, and I've decided not to guess where they were palced, not how many.

As with most home sale bagatelle type games, play can be and often was a bit quirky. The balls can easier get hung up on scoring cups, and the best way to dislodge them is with the flipper nudge keys. Fot h\this reason, while there is an adjustable speed plunger, there is no tilting. Balls that land in the Return Ball cup are auto kicked up the ramp, back into play.

Because of the lack of pins, nudging is most effective when the ball rebounds off the hidden wall at the upper left part of the playfield, and when the ball makes contact with other balls. Press R for the information window, which gives nudging detail and plays a greeting from Red's beloved horse. --@tiltjlp
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