Terminator 2 Skynet (Williams, 1991)

BAM Terminator 2 Skynet (Williams, 1991) MOD 2.0

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Hi All,

Part way through updating over 250 tables with the new BAM features, WOW! it is time consuming.
Started cherry picking some of my favorites and T2 is a great table.
I really like playing this one so I thought I would share it, cheers!
Authors: Lio, Light66, @SLAMT1LT, @NitroNimbus.

Scripts Folder needs to be placed in the Future Pinball Folder not BAM folder.
Do not put the ZBRrollingballsoundslib.vbs with the table file it can cause errors.
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Latest reviews

Really nice update. I especially like the way you added the video to the backwall and apron.
Oh MY GOD. This is so good. I can't believe it . I have always had issues with this table. But this is so good !!!
This is T2. Hard to improve on it one might think... until we see this.
Everything more shiny and bright really bringing the table great looks more alive and exciting. Special effects, the terminator's eyes, and lights in general all seem to be upgraded from what I remember since last playing it. Was the "golden gun" on top of the backbox before? I don't remember but I love the it and the flashers too.
The dynamic flippers is always a must nowadays and I had forgotten how hard it is to hit T2's head to a player like me.
This one's a keeper to which one will want to comeback to over and over again.
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