The Blues Brothers

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Here is the blues brothers table that I had made on vpx I tried to make the same table for future pinball from the seawitch version thanks to slamt1lt and martinB. Bam and physic 2.6 compatible version. Have fun"

"Voila la table blues brothers que j'avais réalisé sur vpx j'ai essayé de faire la méme table pour future pinball à partir de la version de seawitch merci à slamt1lt et martinB. Version compatible Bam et physic 2.6. Amusez vous bien."
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Good job at bringing an original table. I played the DOS game to the end, i watched the movie (a classic) and obviously I enjoyed this table too. the nostalgia gives it an extra point in my case and the retro style table suits the theme.

Very detailed with a cool vibe. I hope you continue bringing tables to FP even though it requires a bit more of hard work.

Merci :)
merci thank
Good job,Marty,and welcome to FP tables.....if you need to know something about Bam, I'm happy to help you, ask without problems, here are many guys ready to help you you can also implement your creations with Bam.
merci wild mais c'est plus difficile de recréer des table avec bam ou future pinball. plus facile avec VPX encore merci bientot
thanks wild but it’s harder to recreate tables with bam or future pinball. easier with VPX again thanks soon
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