1. druadic @ druadic:
    UPDATE: NEW VPX releases will NOT be given to the general pubic. Sorry, that's the way it is.
  2. Todd @ Todd:
    @GeorgeH Thanks. I downloaded them all and sent him a donation for his troubles :D
  3. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    @Todd Russell sent me a reply saying he fixed it. You should download all the tables on his site because he tales them down sometimes with no notice.
  4. Todd @ Todd:
    @GeorgeH Thank you sir! I was going to do that but I didn't really want to bug him about it. Edit: He fixed them!!
  5. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    @Todd Slam's home page is broken right now. I sent him an e-mail telling him about it.
  6. G Guest:
  7. Todd @ Todd:
    Anyone know where to download The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.05? The link on Slam's site doesn't seem to work. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  8. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    Slam has posted Blade Runner ULTIMATE Pro 1.04.
  9. G Guest:
  10. G Guest:
    Looking for the Harley Quinn Rom download,any suggestions ?
  11. G Guest:
  12. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    Slam has released Blade Runner and it looks like Bond 50 is next on the to do list:
  13. D @ dr.wurlitzer:
  14. TerryRed @ TerryRed:
    Also.... for SLAM's tables, on his website you can only get his latest tables on the main page under "Latest Games".... NOT from the GAMES Tab on the top of the page.
  15. TerryRed @ TerryRed:
    @polygame For SLAM's Halloween, I HIGHLY recommend using my PinEvent version, as I completely updated that game to fix a lot of bugs and make all modes completable, and also the game completable (kind of :) ) You just need to PinEvent files installed, and just change the settings in PinEvent_Settings.vbs (to enable FP Sounds in cabinet mode,etc). You don't need Pinup Player installed just to play PinEvent tables.
  16. P @ Pepito:
    Nice forum, ciao from Tuscany
  17. P @ Pepito:
  18. P @ Pepito:
    Hi guys
  19. AnonTet @ AnonTet:
    excuse me the typo :)
  20. AnonTet @ AnonTet:
    Hi, Slamt1lt released new versions of start wars and back to the future
  21. G Guest:
  22. G Guest:
  23. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    Guys, Slamt1lt has new versions of tables posted on his web site. Here:
  24. G Guest:
  25. P @ polygame:
    I should have mention : portrait mode
  26. P @ polygame:
    Anyone knows where I could find all the pinball fx 2&3 playfields screen capture in one zip (for my cabinet)
  27. P @ polygame:
    thx! gimli answered me a couple of days ago. I forgot to update this question
  28. shiva @ shiva:
    Bam seems to store some settings automatically. With the different ball images, hit the P key to cycle through them. The other solution is to just go into your BAM folder and delete the balls. They do kind of suck, wonder why they were included now as we can do custom balls in the script
  29. G Guest:
  30. P @ polygame:
    In FP how in hell do you prevent the ball to become an eye or a beach ball? since I installed the new BAM this is all we see on the PF
  31. P @ polygame:
    Got it! thx!
  32. Jens.L @ Jens.L:
  33. Jens.L @ Jens.L:
    @polygame on wich Slamt1lt site were you ? you can download it on the right side.
  34. P @ polygame:
    Anyone have Slamt1lt Halloween? can't find it on his site or on pinsimDB...
  35. G Guest:
    Steve, I do a Zoom meeting once a week with my sisters during the pandemic. I am not the leader of the meeting so I do not know how to do that. You just click on a link in an e-mail that the leader of the meeting sends you. You get a prompt to install Zoom and then you enter the password the leader provides you. Then you wait for the meeting to start. When it starts, you always have to click on some buttons to start the video and another button to unmute the audio.
  36. P @ polygame:
    could someone interested to guide me on ZOOM or messenger videoconference?
  37. P @ polygame:
    Hello, where to post for BAM help? I followed Terry video and I dont have the backbox screen anymore but it is checked in FP rendering option.à
  38. P @ polygame:
    yes Terry. I was also pinballavenger for a day but this is another story...
  39. TerryRed @ TerryRed:
  40. TerryRed @ TerryRed:
    I know you from happycan, polygame, steve paradis, not sure if i missed any others :)
  41. TerryRed @ TerryRed: to clarify.... your are Steve Paradis, and you are using polygame from this point on? :) Great to see you poking around!
  42. P @ polygame:
    hello, I have now my former nickname. I asked the steveparadis account to be removed.
  43. Gimli @ Gimli:
    Welcome Nitronimbus !
  44. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    Welcome Steve!
  45. S @ steveparadis:
    here is the link I was talking about, it is rough but it seems like a good start for something :
  46. S @ steveparadis:
    Ok, I registered.
  47. G Guest:
    anyone saw the playcanvas demo?
  48. G Guest:
    I'll look at your post concerning the unity kit
  49. G Guest:
    Hey! Seems I found the right place then
  50. shiva @ shiva:
    Hi steve from the little bird