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    stuttering future pinball
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  3. S @ sting932003:
  4. Todd @ Todd:
    @GeorgeH Thanks. I downloaded them all and sent him a donation for his troubles :D
  5. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    @Todd Russell sent me a reply saying he fixed it. You should download all the tables on his site because he tales them down sometimes with no notice.
  6. Todd @ Todd:
    @GeorgeH Thank you sir! I was going to do that but I didn't really want to bug him about it. Edit: He fixed them!!
  7. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    @Todd Slam's home page is broken right now. I sent him an e-mail telling him about it.
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  9. Todd @ Todd:
    Anyone know where to download The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.05? The link on Slam's site doesn't seem to work. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  10. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    Slam has posted Blade Runner ULTIMATE Pro 1.04.
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  12. G Guest:
    Looking for the Harley Quinn Rom download,any suggestions ?
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  14. GeorgeH @ GeorgeH:
    Slam has released Blade Runner and it looks like Bond 50 is next on the to do list:
  15. D @ dr.wurlitzer:
  16. TerryRed @ TerryRed:
    Also.... for SLAM's tables, on his website you can only get his latest tables on the main page under "Latest Games".... NOT from the GAMES Tab on the top of the page.
  17. TerryRed @ TerryRed:
    @polygame For SLAM's Halloween, I HIGHLY recommend using my PinEvent version, as I completely updated that game to fix a lot of bugs and make all modes completable, and also the game completable (kind of :) ) You just need to PinEvent files installed, and just change the settings in PinEvent_Settings.vbs (to enable FP Sounds in cabinet mode,etc). You don't need Pinup Player installed just to play PinEvent tables.
  18. P @ Pepito:
    Nice forum, ciao from Tuscany
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  20. P @ Pepito:
    Hi guys
  21. AnonTet @ AnonTet:
    excuse me the typo :)
  22. AnonTet @ AnonTet:
    Hi, Slamt1lt released new versions of start wars and back to the future