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  1. teamhex

    Gottlieb 1972 Gottlieb Grand Slam Reel Reset and 1 weak pop bumper

    I signed up on here ages ago when I was in my late teens. I've had this machine for quite awhile now and I decided I should start trying to fix some of the issues. I recently replaced all the rubbers, bulbs, and plunger springs so it plays a lot better. It plays, but It would be nice to have...
  2. B

    Gottlieb Pop Bumpers Not Working

    Hey All... Hope you can help....I have a Gottlieb "Jacks to Open" machine. All three of the pop bumpers do not operate. Everything else on the machine is fine. Weird though, because if I play the game for a while, all of a sudden he bumpers will come to life. I shut it down when finished...
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