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  1. Ike Savage

    The rare, superb re-creations of Emkaah and Ale

    Here's another roundup. It's a small, but potent collection of classics from the Emkaah - Ale team. What I really like about these guys' works is their strong design and art sensibilities. The playfield elements are (dare I say it) lovingly assembled, with matching lighting effects and high...
  2. Ale

    VP8 Triple Action (Williams, 1973) by Ale 1.0

    A lovely, burnt-themed re-creation by Ale, featuring a large, double-posted spinning object in the middle of the playfield. Currently we are looking for his other solo re-creation, *Liberty Belle* (Gottlieb, 1962). --@Ike Savage
  3. Ale

    VP8 Smarty (Williams, 1968) by Emkaah and Ale 2.1

    Another amazing Emkaah-Ale re-creation.
  4. Ale

    VP8 Blast Off (Williams, 1967) by Emkaah 1.1

    An amazing solo-Emkaah table.
  5. Ale

    VP8 Space Shuttle by Emkaah, with Ale (1984, Williams) .95

    An unbelievably excellent re-creation from way back in 2004. Check out the textures, the subtle lighting effects, and all the TLC that went in to this game. Best of all, it plays beautifully. --@Ike Savage
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