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  1. H

    Williams Flash resets to next ball during play.

    I have a Flash pin that has recently started resetting to the next ball while you are playing. It will pop up the targets, give the bonus and then go to the next ball. If you are playing the 3rd ball and it does it, then it goes to game over and the just drains. Any help is much appreciated. Tim
  2. J

    Gottlieb gottlieb system 1 problem

    Replaced the mpu board with the new type ni wumpf and it fires up and plays for a ball or 2 the it crashes when you turn it off and back on its fine for a ball or 2 then it does it again.The display reads a crazy number when it crashes.Any ideas?The paper work i received with the new board says...
  3. H

    Williams Williams Grand Prix plays 4 when 3 player is chosen

    Hello, I am new to owning pins and new to this forum. As a kid, I thought I would be doing okay if I owned a pinball. After I ended up doing okay, I did not have the time to do it. Now, I still don't have the time, but realized I'm not getting any younger so I bought a Flash and a Grand...
  4. J

    Williams 1964 Williams Soccer Pinball

    Hi, I have a 1964 Williams Soccer Pinball machine and I'm working on refurbishing it. I've replaced all the rubber rings but there is an electrical problem that I cannot diagnose. Where does one find a pinball repair person? I live in Roanoke, VA. I found a few pinball repair enthusiasts...
  5. P

    Williams Capacitor question...

    Hi guys, This question is regarding capacitors on an MPU board (Williams, system 6). The bill of materials states its a "Ceramic, .01mfd, 50V Capacitor" (component C63)... First off, dumb question, these caps aren't polarized (non-electrolytic), right? I see them on the board (30 of them) but...
  6. P

    Williams Williams system 6 (Blackout) MPU trouble...

    Hello, I wanted to see if i can get some advice on a recent problem I’m having with my System 6 Blackout pin. Just a heads up, the power supply and driver board were tested in different machines and are working fine. The problem is in the MPU somewhere. Here’s what happened: Out of nowhere...
  7. Bamaro

    Williams Williams Flash powers on to 0486 2 (player 1 score) and 04 00 (games&ball)

    I was having some other issues but I decided to replace the 3 AA batteries on the MPU (system 6) on my Flash game. The old batteries were still good but did this as a preventative measure since they were 3 years old. Played machine for awhile after replacing batteries and shut off. Couple of...
  8. D

    Gottlieb Gottlieb System 3 issue

    Hello all, first post here, looking for some advice. If you have read this in other pinball forums, I apologize. I picked up a Gottlieb "Lights....Camera.....Action!" Friday night. Everything is working now that I've replaced the battery, except for one item. The switch for the top hole on...
  9. F

    Williams Solenoids not working The Getaway

    I ran a solenoid test on my pinball machine and after I finished running it. I exited to play a game and now none of the solenoids work. Any help with this would be great. The pinball machine is The getaway - High Speed II
  10. E

    Gottlieb Gotlieb Close encouinters display problem

    I just bought my first machine and want to try and fix it myself. The machine light s up and everything but the display board doesnt show anything and wont play. Could this be a main board problem? I re-pinned the connectors that went to the board beacuse of battery damage. The board has some...
  11. J

    Bally Bally space invaders problem

    Hi, the machine fires up ok, goes through setup sequence, but won't let me start a game, self test shows no faults and start button switch and circuit to main board checked ok too, any idea's? thanks, jim.
  12. T

    Gottlieb 1986 Gottlieb "Genesis" repair

    Hey guys, i purchased a project machine... I need help getting a 1986 Gottlieb "Genesis" running, it powers up and the playfield lights up when i turn it on, but the display screen beneath the translite does not work, and i cant get it to do anything. I went through the fuses under the...
  13. R

    Williams Williams World Cup Scoring Problem When Game Starts

    I have a 78 Williams World Cup Pinball Machine (sys 3). After turning the machine on, I start a new game and it starts scoring a random amount after it shoots the first ball out to the plunger area. I wait till it stops then I press the flippers and it scores some more. This is even before I...
  14. F

    Williams Demolition Man: new guys first post

    this is my first post and of course it's for help. I am pretty good with the older pinball machines and just went through and rebuilt a 1977 bronco. I bought my first computerized pinball machine. It's a williams Demolition man. I bought it because I mixed the sound on the movie and thought it...
  15. J

    Gottlieb Hollywood heat Pinball High Score Reset

    Hey all. I just picked up a HollyWood Heat pinball game by Gottleib and it didn't come with a manual. It currently has an insanely high score on it that will most likely never get beat and I would like to reset it. Could anyone tell me how to go about doing that? I've already discovered...
  16. S


    Hi all I have recently aquired a '83 Bally eightball deluxe limited. I have worked on the mpu, solenoid driver board and solenoid expander board to get the game running. The game will power up begin a game but has 2 problems which I could use some help. 1st problem is that I cannot get...
  17. M

    Data East Torpedo Alley: Lamp Matrix Row Not Working

    I am a newbie still at fixing pinballs. I almost have the Torpedo Alley I bought a few years ago up and working. I am now just fixing the lamps and found I had a bunch not working. Actually seven were not working. The manual I have has a matrix 8x8 that shows all the playfield lamps. I...
  18. M

    Williams Williams Jungle Lord

    On my Jungle Lord (system 7), the sound quits after 20-30 minutes. If I turn off the machine for 15-20 minutes, it will play. It appears to be heat related, but I am not sure where to start. Any help?
  19. E

    Bally Bally SS night rider

    hello, i just got a bally night rider. not the rare EM one but a SS the boards look in decent condition, when you plug the machine in all the lights light up but thats as far as it goes, none of the digital numbers light up, any help to point a fella in the right direction would be greatly...
  20. S

    Williams Subtle problem with Williams System 7 (Black Knight)

    Hi folks, Recently I bought a Black Knight machine that was mostly working but had a few problems (a few bad switches, worn flippers, broken bumper wires and skirt, a bit of miswiring from previous repairs, a bad driver transistor, etc). All that's fixed, but game play still seemed a bit...
  21. S

    Gottlieb EM help - Gottlieb Sure Shot - won't score points

    Just picked up a Gottlieb Sure Shot that has been in storage 25 years. Cleaned a few steppers and she was running. But..... the ball count was always wrong so I cleaned the ball count stepper assembly. ***But now the machine will not score points.*** The machine starts, the score wheels reset...
  22. Milos A

    Data East Tommy sound board problem

    Help needed for my DE Tommy! Something is wrong with the sound board: when I turn the volume up, the game resets immediately. If the volume is low, I can play for couple of minutes, then the game resets. If I disconnect the sound board, the game works fine... Any ideas? Thanks!
  23. D

    Gottlieb Caveman: What is the Video Test Jack?

    So I've just unearthed a Gottlieb Caveman that's been sitting for at least 10 years. Just getting started on it's repair. It's mostly complete, but I seem to be missing something: On page 15 of the manual: VIDEO-PINBALL INTERFACE TEST Located inside the game envelope you will find a six pin...
  24. T

    Williams CPU not Booting when J601 is connected

    Hoping somebody might be able to offer a little advice for me. This is on a Williams WPC Getaway system. I almost have my system revived now, except for one nagging problem. If I have everything connected except for the ribbon cable on connection J601 on the DMD board, the CPU boots. This is...
  25. A

    Gottlieb Jungle Queen '77: help with drop downs

    hello i have a gottleib 1977 jungle queen. the machine works great except the drop down targets dont want to reset. they try but just wont snap back up on each ball. the reset sol. almost seems to want to pop them back up too fast. i checked for a worn rod but it seems to be in good shape. can...
  26. P

    Gottlieb 4 Square Part

    Hi everyone, I'm aquiring my 1st pinball machine, a Gottlieb 4 Square, this Sat. I haven't seen it yet physically, just the pics. It's been shopped and is fully functional. If there's any problem it looks like the 'ball in play' cover is missing. Is there anyway to find one...
  27. T

    Williams The Getaway High Speed II: Help! System Blows F112 Fuse on Power Up

    I am stuck and would like some advice on what to look for next. I have a 1992 Wiliams The Getaway High Speed II pin that has work flawlessly for 4 years. A few weeks ago during a good game, all the flippers stopped working and the LED board lit up almost all the LED's. The rest of the playfield...
  28. M

    Data East Torpedo Alley Problem

    I recently bought an old beaten up Torpedo Alley Data East Pinball. I replaced all the boards except the sound board. I decided to take the machine apart and clean it because it was in bad shape. It took me about half a year to do this. I even repainted the cabinet. Anyways, I put...
  29. D

    Gottlieb Gottlieb Sure Shot EM help

    My kids were playing one day and all worked fine, yesterday I went to play and it doesn't work. The new game starts the machine, the ball flips up; however the backglass doesn't start the game. It is not in tilt mode! It doesn't show ball 1, and the score doesn't reset, it just sits on 00000...
  30. Jick Magger

    Bally Paragon: Wasp's nests in Pinball machine--Can I save it?

    Greetings! So, I was recently given a Bally Paragon machine by my grandpa. It was originally his brother's; he died about 25 years ago, and this machine has been sitting in a barn or open garage or something since then. Basically, people had forgotten it existed until my great uncle's wife died...
  31. P

    Sega Baywatch: Machine Won't Turn On. Possible Blown Fuse.

    My buddy has a Baywatch pinball machine (Sega) at his house. Sometimes, when having a bad game he likes to switch the machine on and then off real quickly. I know this is bad practice, and it finally did something today. When flicked on and then off, something shorted and the machine will now...
  32. B

    Bally CFTBL: HELP! WPC CPU Board Battery Holder Replacement

    <TABLE class=content border=0 cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR class=post><TD class=UserBox height=100 vAlign=top colSpan=2>My CFTBL machine no longer stores the setting I program and I have to reprogram them every time I turn it off and on. I was told to change out the...
  33. R

    Gottlieb Rescue 911: Resetting scores

    How do I reset the scores on my first pinball machine?
  34. D

    Williams Indiana Jones: Novice needs help with drop targets.

    Hi, Does anyone know the steps to replace a drop target (one in the bank of three --center) for Indiana Jones Williams? So far I've been (only) able to raise the game table. This is my first repair attempt. Also, can these be strengthened? Thank you in advance for any advice. Doug
  35. S

    Bally Eightball: ball-loading kicker and lights

    I turned on my eightball machine and the kicker that loads the ball to the plunger is not working also the all the bulbs that light my backglass are now out,can someone offer advice?
  36. B

    Bally CFTBL: Where are the memory batteries located?

    I need to replace the memory batteries in my CFTBL, all the setting get reset when I turn the machine off. Where are the batteries located? Thank you!
  37. L

    Williams Funhouse Problem

    Hi, I recently purchased a funhouse from ebay and it has a few problems. The skillshot, Rudy's Hideout, is not registering, and when I go to activate midnight multiball, it doesn't register when the ball goes into rudys mouth. Both times the ball just sits there and waits till the machine goes...
  38. T

    Bally Truck Stop help

    I have a balley truck stop at this time the game will turn on but will not take credits or start for play when I run through the tests all is good except for the switch test this test says rebound closed. looking through the manual I dont see a rebound switch listed? I have tried just manually...
  39. F

    Gottlieb Countdown: need help repairing mpu

    hi i recently bought a Gottlieb count-down machine, however the mpu has been totally corroded by the battery inside. i by passed all the corroded traces. but the thing i don't get how to fix is the fact that 6 of the connector traces are totally corroded to the point where there is no copper...
  40. W

    Williams Demolition Man: sinkhole doesn't always catch the ball....

    Hi! Fairly new to the fantastic world of pinballmachines. Just bought a DM...just love it. Just one tiny problem that makes me really wanna tilt it from time to time. To get a multiball you have to hit the left loop with the ball and then into a sinkhole. Problem is that like 7 out of 10 times...
  41. robbo007

    Repair Lamp questions

    Hello all, I have a question about circuit board lamps issues. I have quiet a few lamps (indicated in the photo below) which I have changed but don't light up. They are all the same sort of lamp. There the ones you twist and have the black covering that comes loose. What else could cause...
  42. K

    Data East Jurassic Park control room

    hi , i have a Jurassic park pinball , the control room is not functioning as it should , it does not let you get into modes when you hit it , have checked the diagnostics and the switch inside seems fine anyone had this problem ?? please help ,
  43. S

    Gottlieb Foto Finish: machine in bad condition. help

    Hello. Today I just brought home a very old pinball machine I had found in an old shed. The pinball machine is a Gottlieb: Foto Finish, 1961. It is in pretty bad condition. Wood rotting underneath, quite a bit of metal rusting, missing/broken bulbs, and lots of other stuff. On the inside the...
  44. B

    Bally CFTBL: dot matrix is in French. Why?

    I have the Creature From The Black Lagoon machine. I turned it on the other day and the dot matrix display is now in French along with the test modes (I can not read French). The audio is in English. Can anyone instruct me how to change the display back to English? Thank you!
  45. V

    Williams Getaway High Speed II - wiring back board

    New to the forum. Anyone who has a Getaway High Speed II pinball. I am down to the final components of my restoration and it has been really fun! But I am down to the flashers that are behind the back glass. There are 5 of them. Mine seem to be individually connected to J126 pins 3-8 or...
  46. G

    Flipperless Automatic Industries, Baby Whiffle restoration

    Hello, I was given, just this morning, a Baby Whiffle machine. I am excited about it and anxious to restore it. Does anyone have any suggestions on sites that may have helpful info or photos of machine in good working order so that I can see them? It appears that the inner board is a bit...
  47. mmiller

    Williams Judge Dredd: weak flipper or not leveled?

    Just bought my first machine. Judge Dredd superpin. The left flipper is sticking but I can hit all the shots when it comes unstuck. The right flipper seems weak. I can't get the ball up the ramp to dredd world
  48. G

    Gottlieb Street Fighter II: where is the place place to buy some parts?

    Own a gottlieb system 3 ( street fighter 2 ) looking for some parts. just cerious if anone knows a good stie to buy from looking for 2 standup targets and some switchs for the ramps. thanks in advance.
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