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Williams 1st and 2nd player problem

Jonas 11

Pinball Player
Hi I have a 1967 Williams pinball pitch and bat machine I have working on a problem for months .The game has 1 and 2 players and awards the player a extra inning if all targets on playfield are hit .The problem is when the machine is playing on # 1 player when it’s awarded a extra inning it goes into # 2 player it is suppose to stay on the # 1 player .The machine will stay on # 1 player if the 2nd player is not activated with 2 coins but when I activate 2 player this happens . I have checked transfer relay # 4 relay on score motor, player reset all looks fine . Any suggestions


Pinball Technician
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@Jonas 11,
Feel free to tag @pinballdaveh when you have questions like this. There's been a lot of activity here lately, and posts like this might get buried somewhat, making it more difficult for him to spot.

We've also upgraded the M&R section, which might help you find more useful info upon this issue:
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It seems a lot of these problems are related to the extra inning bar. Proper operation should have a spring pulling down the bar when the correct relays trip. Check it’s switches for proper operation and clean if needed.