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The VPM flippered tables section was feeling a little neglected, so I gave it some TLC. All screenshots, icons and ROM entries have been updated. I also included more information on the various games and helpful tips to get them running, where possible.

The 28 different games break down in to seven types:
Of course there's a million and one shuffle bowlers there, but some truly unique games too, such as Strikes N' Spares and Rat Race. Some of these make for pretty fun, simultaneous two-player games, like the afore-mentioned Rat Race and the various pitch n' bat games.

You can take a look at the whole section here, sorted by name.


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Love the thread, Pinball Nirvana used to be flipperless.com!

Seems strange to need a rom for a flipperless game but it's still wonderful!

tiltjlp would appreciate it. :johntiltjlp:
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