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And now another edition of how to be manly
You are at the local gym in town that just went coed.
After you finish your manly workout you take a break and play their hardbody pinball machine. After your game is over you spot a young female gym thot walking to the protein drink bar. You strut over to assert your manliness for this bodybuilding bimbo, but how do you do accomplish this in a manly manner.
Follow along in your manly manual and repeat after me.
#1 Hey babe why don’t we go back into the locker room, we take our clothes off, you lay on the floor, and we’ll see how many push-ups I can do on top of you.
#2 Hey yummy britches I’ve got a pair of round heavy weights I’d like to put on your rack.
#3 Hey smacker pants I’ve got a high protein drink with a large straw that you can sip on RIGHT HEER.
Use any or all of these phrases in just such a situation, and moments later as the next protein drink customer complaints his drink is red, because the gym thot shoved your hand into a running drink mix blender, the young gym thot will have no doubts as to what kind of man you really are.
Until next time this is mr manly saying BE MANLY AND GOOD DAY.