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A roundup of PN's head-to-head game collections

Ike Savage

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The IPDB lists 31 historical games designed for head-to-head play:

At least seven of those have been re-created, and are hosted here:

Tabletop Hockey (Munro, 1932-'33)
Soccer table (foosball) (1952 Bonzini)
Calcio Italia (Italian soccer) (Benedetti & Fagioli, 1965)
BICAR (Imem, of Salerno, Italy 1970)
Joust (Williams, 1983)
Rat Race 1.0 (Williams, 1983)
U.S.A. Football (Alvin G., 1992)

We also have a bunch of originals of this variety:

Head to Head Pinball 1.0p
AntiGrav Pinball v1.6
Kickoff 2 by Erik Boman 1.0
PinBallHockey by Ken Miller
Paris 2005
Future Foosball
Block's Basketball v12p

You can get our up-to-date, combined list by tapping on the "head-to-head" tag wherever you see it. In link form, it's the same as this: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/index.php?tags/head-to-head/

Note: I might have missed some head-to-head tables here and there, particularly in the Future Pinball section. Feel free to point these out here. You can also add the tag yourself to resources (i.e., tables), and those tables will then automatically show up in the master list.


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