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As promised
Fair animation

I am not one to do something like this, but on this particular machine I thought it would look great

Especially considering the only the modification to the machine was tapping off the special light bulb socket

This light comes on and remains lit after all the cars are lit

Got a wooden Ferris wheel kit
Painted and assembled it

After working on it, I realized it was a little too tall. It would hit my ceiling
Don’t have 8 ft ceilings in my basement. Could have been avoided if I had a full 8 ft ceiling

Had to do a few modifications to make it smaller

Had to cut spokes shorter to clear the ceiling

After it was built and painted , was time to add lights

36 leds around the spokes

3 holes were drilled in each of the 12 for the LED’s and wired from the backside

Then I decided to add some sound

Got a small MP3 player and recorded calliope sounds for the carnival effect

When the special light comes on it sends 6 volts AC to a rectifier
That In turn sends DC to drive the relay

The Mp 3 player is also activated by the relay

After installing it, the LED’s were too bright. Looked more like a pinwheel

Rather than dimming the LED’s , I experimented with more light shining
on the wheel

I wound up installing a small LED floodlight ,lighting up the entire wheel
from the front

It balanced everything out and looks much better

I am more than pleased with the way it turned out

See attached photos and video


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Ike Savage

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What an awesome project!

I do wonder what it would look like with more subdued, yellower lighting to match the look of the backboard and game. Either way, pretty dang cool!

I wonder if this is something the IPDB would accept on their entry for World Fair. I'm sure Pinside would like this too.


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Thanks @jay3489, this is incredible to me!

It's awesome and I myself wouldn't worry about the height of the Ferris Wheel, I experienced vertigo for the first time about 10 years ago in Toronto on a see through floor, I can handle that....😵

Just wonderful, since reading your thread I've been experimenting with some new features in the software about forum and thread types combined with forum attachment mirroring to the Media section. I added a new forum of Projects (Invisible now) and attachments in that forum should be mirrored into a new Projects category in the Media section. Still discovering this but you can see a test of the mirroring here, wondering if your thread could be moved there and replace this test of mine:

There would be new options available for your fantastic images and they would be assigned to you, let me know if you have any concerns or questions.
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