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Bad Cats Night Mod DT 1.0.1


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This is the WS desktop mod of Bad Cats night mod by LoadedWeapon.

Many thanks to jpsalas for his original recreation and LoadedWeapon for his Night Mod.

Addition Credits go to.
jpsalas: Original tables and script
ClarkKent: Cleaning up artwork on the original
Dark: Primitive Nuts, bolts, and screws
Zany: Primitive flasher domes
LoadedWeapon: Reworked all images added new lighting, new primitives and update script..

What's New in Version 1.0.1 (See full changelog)

Changed Backdrop settings for WS desktop.
Imported rails,sidewall ramps and emreels from the jpsalas desktop version.
Adjusted, aligned and rotated many flashers to render correctly.

Available here...