BAM BAM: Creating Normal Maps for Existing FP Models


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SLAMT1LT has recently added some cool "bump" maps to his tables for use with BAM.
Here is how he did it.
See Videos below.

here is TerryRed's demonstration of this

and here is a demo by SLAM

1. Go to Existing table and select a model. Make note of the models name and its textures name.

2. Go to model manager in table editor and export that model to a folder of your choosing.

3.Go to texture manager in table editor and export that texture to the same folder

4.Load FP Model editor program and open your model. Export the "ms3d file" to your folder

5.Load a program like milk shape 3d and open your "ms3d" model and then simply export as a wavefront "obj" file type

6. Go to
and import your obj file and your texture (in two places, the left box as a "height map" and on the right load "diffuse map")

7. Select "Scharr Filter" , Strength 1.61, Level 10, Blur/sharp -1 (you can play with these numbers...but this gives a map file similar to SLAM's I believe...)

8. Select Normal Map at bottom centre, jpg, 95 -100 % quality, and then click on Download. copy the normal map file from you download folder into your chosen folder.

9. Rename your original texture "whatever-ColorMap" and your normal map jpg file "whatever-NormalMap".

10. Now you can load your model and these two textures into any table.
Assign the "whatever-ColorMap" texture to your model as per usual.
And assign the "whatever-NormalMap" texture to a surface as in video. Doesn't matter the name of the "surface" and you can assign to "top texture" , "side texture" or "enamel map" it doesn't matter.

11. Save table and exit table and exit FP. Reload and it should work.

12. Normal maps are only seen with BAM "new renderer "on

Sorry the recording program stopped so, I had to use 2 videos.

Part 1

Part 2


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June 7, 2014 Ravarcade
It is half year since models on tables can uses more update technics, like normal maps.
I don't see any one, who want to use it. I spend few months on it and i'm unhappy ;( .
Sorry Rav, it only took us 5 years to appreciate this feature.
Slam and TerryRed have really demonstrated how cool normal / bump maps are !!!
But wait there is MUCH MORE

Here are three instructional videos for enhancing normal maps that are in tables already.
Slams recent tables, TOTAN, Shootanza ec.....

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3
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I have a few comments on Gimli's guide from message 1 above.

Step 5: If you don't have a program like milk shape 3d that can change models, there are several sites online that can convert an *.ms3d file to an *.obj. I have been using this one:

Step 6: The github web site has a 3D preview on the right pane that says it runs best on the Chrome web browser. You can hover over the image where the preview displays and use your mouse wheel to change the size of the model on the preview.

The only purpose of adding the *.obj file and adding the texture to the "load..." button on the site, is to make it display on the 3D preview. I have found that it will not accept some *.obj files. If that happens, you can still create the normal map JPG file but won't be able to preview it. Just use the trial and error method and try Gimli's suggested settings he posted on Step 7. Then download the normal map file and test it on your table. You can adjust the strength if it doesn't look right and download the file again.
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