Best Games, 2012

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wow... awesome. i didn't know or remember that you made all those retro-recreations, shockman. did you get in to that as a way of gearing up towards an original project?

with exe's, the main thing i always worry about is that they're executables... potentially disastrous. the main reason why i prefer flash games and well-checked games from places like GOG.

having said that, my favorite windows game of all time was also made with gamemaker and is also free:

i might actually have to buy an xbox live just for the new version coming out, then slit my throat for being such a heretic hypocrite degenerate. still thinking about the right choice to make... :)


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You and that damn Spelunky! Not that it wasn't a very impressive game, just that it completely kicked my ass! I bet I wouldn't have had Spelunky issues 20 years ago when the controller for my SNES was welded into my hand. Bet I couldn't even make it through Super Mario World now. It sucks being old!

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it sure does. :( but, hey... check out this collection of fine art based on mario. i'm not a huge mario fan but i'm loving a lot of this:

spelunky is definitely a tricky game to learn, but it has immense replay value once you get half-decent at it. you can also reverse roles and play as one of the man-eating plants, which i find hilarious. okay, that's it for spelunky advertising this time around!


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It does suck being old.
That's why, if I play Super Mario Bros.,
I use The Emulators with Save States.


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I got into them for a number of reasons. Learning techniques was one. Another was Emulation. Emulation of Asteroids is not as good, in my opinion as the smooth framerate I could get out of simulation.

Ice Cold Beer, I did just so I could play it. Interesting enough, of all these games, ICB would be the last I would attempt in VP.

These .exes are 100% safe.

The newest GM uses Javascript as well. I read that Shockwave Flash is on it's way out.

Press F1 on these games for instructions, and key sets.
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Damn! Does that wonky camera ever catch up to the car?
Seems it was always a half track behind me somehow!
Not the worst game for me but definitely the worst racing game
if ya' can call it that more like 'camera catchup' nothing like having to slow down
for it to get behind me so I don't run off the track
which I seemed to do more than usual given my lightning quick reflexes!


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Games that I've been playing lately:

NBA 2k12 - that's a great basketball game. Check out this vid
NBA 2K12 PC Gameplay - 1080P HD - YouTube

NHL 2004 - still the best hockey game for PC... a lot of fun online against my brother.

The greatest MAME/AAE titles:

Gravitar (Atari) - finally completed my all time favorite arcade game
Xevious (Namco) - ditto
Battlezone (Atari) - it always bugged me that I sucked in it... now I have a respectable high score (172,000).
Pac-Mania (Namco) - fun
Star Force (Tehkan) - fun but I suck in it
Centipede - some occasional games
Star Wars (Atari) - it's pretty tough w/ mouse. I can do over 2 mil though.
Raiden Fighters series - best "modern" shooters

...and then I'm playing Puzzle Bobble with my 2-year old son... he just smashes the X-Arcade buttons and laughs but it's a lot of fun.

...sometimes I launch VP... and usually play Alien Poker or some other 80's solid state table.
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Why all the focus on good games? Why no truly horrible games? I found this one on Reddit under the heading "This is the worst game I've ever played in my life." They may be right.
oh gosh... please tell me that's not a hideous joke. wow.

Games that I've been playing lately:
NBA 2k12 - that's a great basketball game. Check out this vid
NBA 2K12 PC Gameplay - 1080P HD - YouTube
i'd seen some earlier versions... maybe from five years before... but that is truly outstanding. if you were to play out a whole season for the wizards would the announcers actually be able to talk about fresh topics and not just endlessly congratulate each other on the gilbert arenas trade? :p

following that level of quality, i'd love to see what the upcoming EA version of UFC fighting looks like. MMA has pretty-much become my favorite spectator sport since i don't play basketball anymore. (tennis and table tennis, which i do still play, don't seem to count with most people)

here's the best games i've enjoyed since my last post here. all for android:

choice of games series
fun putt deluxe mini golf
coin pirates
tanks! free
glu games- world series of poker
hex defense
puzzles (a collection)
super stickman golf

amazingly cool and fun stuff- 99% free, too. just wish there was more to add to the list. i had to slog through hundreds of dreadful games on android to build that short list, and really wish there was a way to avoid that again in future...


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I've been hooked by Endless Space this week, insanely complicated turn based empire building game. When they say micromanagment they really mean it, the technology tree is huge, and each system and planet you colonize has tones of options that grow as you research more technology.

Only drawback is that the battles between fleets can't be micromanaged, you basically pick a strategy and let the AI play the battle, or hit "auto" and let the AI pick strategy for both sides.

Only available from Steam right now.

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thanks, marty. right now i'm trying out a turn-based web-browser game called "iron grip marauders." i just can't keep up with the RTS games anymore, so the turn-based games have proven to be very welcome. bonus points if we can play them on our tablets- apple or android.

couple of lovely excelent time-wasting flash games i've discovered recently: (you all can do the lookup work this time)

flick headers (interesting combination of soccer and volleyball)
ultimate assassin 1-3
battle panic

hope you enjoy.


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Though this thread is pretty old, I find it to be useful as it is possible to find not only old good games to play, but also some games that I haven't tried yet. Of course, I don't remember what games I liked in 2012, but this year I prefer playing online games, especially Free spins. They really help me to relax ;)