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I am a new player and need some help that is probably completely obvious. is there a way to make the camera stay fixed from a player point of view... meaning if the camera doesnt move at the speed of light following the ball but yo ustill get a view of the whole table?


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Sounds like you are talking about Future Pinball, and yes, last time I checked there is/was a POV control in Future Pinball that prevents the camera from zooming in and out and allows a set camera position, though I am not familiar with the exact name or where to find it.

If you mean how to adjust the static viewing angle in Visual Pinball (Visual Pinball's view doesn't move around; it is static), in the editor screen In the Menu on the left Click the Options button to open the Options menu on the right side of the editor screen, then Click the Backdrop button to change the editor screen to the Backglass panel. In the Backdrop screen, in the Options Menu on the right side under Backdrop > Colors and Formatting there are two controls for adjusting the view. Inclination and/or Field of View. Either one or both will adjust the view of the table.
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Just for the record, I recently stumbled on to the fact that much of this type of camera functionality was in fact built in to VP9, which first came out all the way back around 2009 or so.

So in addition to being able to traditionally change inclination and FOV in VP (via backglass edits), you can also move the table around in three dimensions as you please, as well as stretch it and shrink it however you like.

Now sure, you still can't choose an XYZ camera view looking in any particular XYZ direction, but that was only mostly for demo purposes, anyway. But in real terms of improving the view and playability of tables, the new features really are a quantum light year (don't ask me what that means!) past VP8 and earlier VP versions.
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