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Casino Sports Betting: NBA Conference Finals and the League Finals

Ike Savage

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orlando has knocked off boston! orlando has knocked off boston! the defending world champions are gone!!

this brings us to:

the cleveland cavaliers versus the orlando magic: can the mighty dragon slayers do it again
and beat the hottest team in the league... you know, the one with the best record in basketball?
(betting ends wednesday may 20th at 10:00 PM)


the los angeles lakers versus the denver nuggets: the lakers looked terrible against
the rockets while the nuggets seem to get better and better. will the lakers shake off
whatever is bothering them in order to make it to the finals? because one thing is clear-
if they play the same way against the nuggets as they did against the rockets, they are
going to get smoked like a salmon. (betting ends tuesday may 19th at 10:00 PM)

click on "casino" under the site banner to place your funny-money bets.

Ike Savage

Froggy like robot
Staff member
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and lebron james goes down in flames... amazing... even for those of us who saw it coming.

and now your finals, starting june 4th:

orlando magic (the dragonslayers) versus the los angeles lakers (america's team)

- will phil jackson win his tenth trophy, becoming the all-time winningest championship coach in history (surpassing red auerbach's nine trophies)?

- will orlando win a championship for the first time, on the 20th anniversary of their inception as an expansion team?

- will kobe bryant hit back in his long-simmering feud with shaquille o'neal, proving that he's also able to win a trophy without 'the other guy'?

- will stan van gundy prove once and for all that he's better than shaq gives him credit for, who famously called him "a master of panic"?

stay tuned, sports fans. stay tuned!