Chicago Coin Kilroy solenoids


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I have this 1947 machine and am in need of some information/parts/schematics. Some of the Solenoid coils need to be replaced on the scoring mechanisms behind the back glass. I am a novice at this and have been searching for a lengthy period of time for this information. I either need the parts or the numbers from the parts so that I can continue my restore project. This is a "family" machine and has been for years. I do not want to sell it but would like to get it working so that it can remain in the family. If you can be helpful in any of this, please contact me at 402-798-7244 or 402-239-2205. Or, you can email me at this address. Thanks for your help. I sincerely appreciate your time and efforts. :cheers::cheers::cheers:

I would be interested in the telephone number of Pinball Medic out of Austin, Texas. I have questions for them. If you the number, would you please pass it on to me?
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