Cue Ball Wizard (Gottlieb / Premiere, 1992), FS & DT versions

Cueball Wizard for VP9 1.3

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Usually I don't make release threads, since I feel the download section is good enough to see when a new table is released. But this table is special to me, mostly because I didn't liked much, before I started to make it for VP. I had played Microsoft version a few times, but not very much. But after making this table I have seen that the sounds of the Gottlieb emulation are crystal clear, the rules are many, and it is quite fun to play once you understand a little the rules. Now I find myself playing this table again and again. :) Press "R" during the game to get the rules (the rules are the .hta file you'll find in the zip).

I should like to mention that I have used Steely and PK's collision subs to make the sound of the ball hitting the white pool ball. I just added a single line to make that pool ball sound, so it sounds different than when two balls collide.

As in all my tables for VP9, it is angle independent, so if you don't like the view just change the angles and/or zoom parameters in the backdrop configuration page of the editor.

Have fun!


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This is absolutely outstanding release... it was about time that we got a great version of this table...!!

This era of Gottlieb/Premier is seriously underrated.... thanks again JP...!!


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I'm glad you like it! :)
I had only played the table a few times and I didn't liked so much (I played the Microsoft version). Then a friend suggested this table. So I thought "it can't be that bad if it is the favorite table of someone". And now I like the table, there are many modes, and rules, but you need to read the rules to get an idea of what to do and why. And it was a good challenge to make this table.
I think the rom emulation of the sound is very good. On some tables the rom sounds are very low quality, but in this one they sound like the real table. And this add very much to the table. I need to check a few other Gottliebs :)



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problem with rom

i get this everytime i load the rom for cueball wizard

" Line:143 variable is undefined 'startshake'

can someone help me out with this thanks


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You're starting it in Vp8. You need to doubleclick on VP9, go to file- open, the game should pop up in the editor then press play. VP8 and VP9 are different, Vp8 you can just click on the game, VP9 you have to do the above instructions.

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Another one that got lost at some point. The DT & FS versions have now been restored as a single DL.
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