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I'm also working with magnets a lot now for RetroFlair 2.

I am also not sure about how to use MaxForce.

With how i'm using the magnets... I found it very handy to have "blocker" surfaces to trap the ball to keep it from "flying off" after it hits the magnetic area sometimes. I'll have a switch / trigger where the magnet is. When the ball hits the switch, it triggers an invisible blocker "tube" that traps the ball in the magnetic area prevent the ball from doing strange things.


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mmmm.....strange that you are using "blocker" surfaces, so it is things if you had the old "way of using a magnet" I could see while doing tests, that "MaxForce" controls the oscillations, if you had problems that the ball slips away, this it's strange....

try increasing the Range that catches the ball, and the Strength .... magnet attraction force.
as for the MaxForce, try to increase and decrease the value of the oscillations based on the force of attraction...and see what happens.

I have other problems, because while the magnet attracts the ball, I should try to hit the dragon with the fin, but for now I haven't been able to get a good result, maybe I'm missing something .....
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