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I haven't had a MAME setup running for a while on the old PC so I thought I search the Old Dark Net for a simple one hit solution...now be aware this solution most likely breaks every emulation legality.

Download via torrent, unzip, one click on the coinops.exe icon and bam a full hyperspin type setup, with all the scanline effects, bezel, backgrounds and more, with a insane amount of optional addon packs...

Ahh dah linkage...


Ike Savage

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Funny you should mention MAME. I just today finished the download phase of my old project (posted here a couple years ago, you might remember) in which my goal was to go through the entire 35K game list, looking for all the lesser-known games that stand out for one reason or another.

In the past I've found some glorious MAME gems here and there, so this is my big attempt to do it proper, then write some simple articles and lists, sharing my findings with others.

In the aid of organising this project, I did try some frontends here and there, but found pretty much every one to be bloated or problematic in some way. Meanwhile, I found that vanilla MAME is a little more configurable than I remember, offering me the ability to put together custom categories, and not just the standard "favorites" list. Now I do indeed need to edit by hand, but that seems like a fairly minor inconvenience, since I'm aiming to be more of a librarian so to speak, and not so much a guy showing off a custom cab.

Anyway, good to see there's handy stuff like this.