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Pinball Nudger
Hey guys.

Am new to Virtual Pinball, I have a physical Zaccaria Farfalla 1983 pinball, had it since childhood, 25 years, (sound not working) and am trying to get the Farfalla rom to work. I keep getting the following error message, I go to open, load the table in File then Open, then click play and the error is Line: 1109 Object doesn't support this property or method: 'FlashLevel(...).alpha'.

Any help would be much appreciated, if I leave it running the machine says "if you are sad, play with me" like it should do but I've not had the pinball table on my screen yet!

Ike Savage

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When using VP-- the table file, ROM file, VPMAME version and VP version all have to sync up within a certain range. IIRC that error tends to mean something isn't matching well.

So, any one of those four programs might be a little too old (or even too new) for one of the others.

Feel free to provide more details about your software setup, and I'll see if I can figure out the issue. Alternatively, you could try using the very latest versions of each, which will probably require you snagging stuff from one or two other sites.


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Hello, sonic...

From your conversation at VPF, you were trying to use VP920 to play a table built in VP99x, which incorporates features (the 'properties' and 'methods') that 92x didn't use. You can play a 92x table in 990 okay; that's known as backward compatibility. Reversing that arrangement, however, won't fly, because the 92x emulator doesn't know what the 99x table is telling it to do.

Hopefully you're already squared away and aren't missing too much work...welcome to Pinball Nirvana! :cheers: