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I can only think of xBAM.Ball.Position or xBAM.Ball.PositionGLobal but neither seems to be supported yet or i'm doing something wrong.


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There is definitely a way, because Pinevent uses BAM "playfield size" and "ball position",etc to do SSF (surround sound feedback) for (5.1/7.1) 3D Positional Ball Rolling Sounds. (unlike smoke's which is only stereo).

As the others said. @Gimli would know better than us.


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There is definitely a way, because Pinevent uses BAM "playfield size" and "ball position",etc to do SSF (surround sound feedback) for (5.1/7.1) 3D Positional Ball Rolling Sounds. (unlike smoke's which is only stereo).

As the others said. @Gimli would know better than us.
Steve and I were consulting yesterday and I think his question was answered.

I use the Sub NewtonPhysicsTick routine to monitor various things in debug mode as follows:

Dim BallTrajectory

Sub NewtonPhysicsTick()
    BallTrajectory  = Atn2( xBAM.Ball.Velocity.X, xBAM.Ball.Velocity.y )
   Dim ball
   Set ball = xBAM.BallCloseTo(0,0)
        AddDebugText "ball.Speed: " & ball.Speed
        AddDebugText "xBAM.Ball.Velocity.y: " & xBAM.Ball.Velocity.y
        AddDebugText "xBAM.Ball.Velocity.X: " & xBAM.Ball.Velocity.X
         AddDebugText "xBAM.Ball.Position.X: " & xBAM.Ball.Position.X
       AddDebugText "xBAM.Ball.Position.Y: " & xBAM.Ball.Position.Y
       AddDebugText "BallTrajectory: " & BallTrajectory
End Sub

' Convert X, Y velocities to ball trajectory angle
Const RadToDeg = 57.295779513082320876798154814105
Function Atn2(x, y)
   If x > 0 Then
      Atn2 = Atn(y / x) * RadToDeg
   ElseIf x < 0 Then
      Atn2 = 180 - RadToDeg * Atn(y / -x)
   ElseIf y > 0 Then
      Atn2 = 90
      Atn2 = -90
   End If
   Atn2 = Atn2+90
End Function


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personnellement hj.jpg je l'exporte en fbx pour unity. il suffit alors de unpack le prefab , pour appliquer confortablement les material, script, lights.....
au choix conserver la camera de fp mais supprimer la light , pour celle d'unity.
unity est un jeu d'enfant.


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Looks nice.

Ideally... it would be best to wait until VPE (Visual Pinball Engine in Unity) is fully featured and then export a FP table to that, as that is what everyone will be supporting in the future (and Rav is a contributor to the dev team).

Exporting a table to VPE / Unity is one thing.... but converting a quality / complex FP table (polygame, blindmankind, SLAMT1LT, etc) with a complete fully featured code set / BAM features.... and converting that to a C# environment or Unity (if there isn't easy to use tools to do similar things) will be a big job to do. It will be great one day, though.


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avec ou sans vpe , il faudra de toute façon coder en c#. le gros avantage de fp entre autre est son système métrique.
pour une construction précise et fidèle , pour celui qui désire une bonne reproduction.
l'arborescence du prefab de fp est très clair.
j'ai déjà les scripts , pour les éléments essentiels. un excellent tuto ici :

par exemple pour le plunger

peut-être que rav pourrait nous aider avec des scripts spécifiques de certains éléments du pinball...
faudrait peut être ouvrir un post special c#.

l'importation fpx permet une standalone (build and run) tout de suite. avec vpe pour l' instant je ne sais pas , mais je crois que unity avait généré un conflit (histoire d'api ou dll non supportée un truc de ce genre) .

ici avec la table sci-fi classic :
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Rav is specifically helping develop VPE, so his focus and effort will be towards that, instead of individual tables being converted to Unity (which some people have done in the past...and they too are helping with VPE).

This is a much better way to go as all table authors will eventually support VPE (which will be cross platform capable...so Linux, mobile, etc), as it will have an actual modern Unity based "table editor" geared toward pinball creation (and other things needed for cabinets, etc) as opposed to needing to do everything yourself through Unity's editor per table. It will also have all the top table authors and VP devs (and Rav) behind it so it's going to get more features we need.

You can start here:

...and I know you are on vpforums, so you can ask questions here:



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sincèrement , si tu es bien organisé dans ton travail, çà va très très vite, pour la partie graphique .
pour les scripts des composants aussi , car un flipper reste un flipper , une dt reste une dt.....
la phase la plus délicate est la logique du jeu car elle est propre à chaque table . pour les rom alors là c'est une autre histoire.
unity dispose d'outils similaire à pup , pour créer une belle interface de bg.
rav pourrait nous aider pour des éléments très spécifique le magnet par exemple.

grande facilité des inserts. appliquer seulement une matière émissive pour un résultat satisfaisant.

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It looks very cool. Myself, I will wait until VPE is more fully featured before I dive in to test and play around.


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not working here??? what do I do wrong? Everything is check properly
Edit* Got it to work but, the camera is moving along and if I lock it.. no more ball roller.
What a sad implementation of something that could be useful.

The BEST way to use Ball Controller / Roller is with a Gamepad...NOT a mouse (I remove the mouse control completely). With a gamepad you can assign it to the left thumbstick (x and y axis), and it works SO much better, and makes testing super easy! It's what I use all the time, and it works in all views and modes, including F11 free camera. Highly recommended!
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