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Films where PinBall Appeared


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Let's post here all films that the Pinball appeared and describe the moments in films where it occurred ;)

I'm first. For example, I remember that in film The Addams Family film not straightly appeared in film, but it inspired his Barry Sonnenfeld to create the film))

Who next?


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This is a tough topic. There was an attempt to use pinball as a movie theme, but it doesn't sell as a movie. Pinball is a game to be played and not so much talked about.
There was the 80's film, "Tilt" with Brooke Shields. But it failed at the box office.

I think The Addams Family movie inspired the pinball machine and video games.
But I don't know any more about it, other than thinking that there should be a game based on the movie back then. Heck, I'd like to see a pinball based on "Blazing Saddles". But I believe the game company ripped that one as "Midway'a Cactus Canyon" (1998 ).



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Bill, do you think they're trying to say something by using the same Jacks to Open machine over and over? That is soo unrealistic to an arcade, and Lord Knows, they could always rent a couple of era-correct games from the local Robbin Williams' arcade warehouse. Are they really that cheap?

Maybe that Jacks to Open climaxed in a reveal that the arcade was owned by one of the vampires, as an heirloom game.


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Steve, you dirty old man! :eek:ldman

I'm pretty positive they didn't show any pinball machines in Back to the Future... I would have remembered that. However, we may be uncovering a hidden treasure of hillbilly pinball songs! Here's one I found recently:

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