First post, just wondering about this machine... Interflip's "Dragon"


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well this is my first post but not my last i plan on stickin around, anyhow i have had this machine in my house for pretty much my whole life. the machinne is my parents and we just took it out and set it up in our newly finished game room, they told me to go online and find out about it. So has anyone ever heard of a machine made by interflip called dragon? made in the late 70's i think. i dunno is it worth anything? or is it just a run of the muck?


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I agree with David, if it's in playable condition, just have fun. Since it's from Spain I would think it might be worth something if it's in good shape, just because there probably aren't that many of them in the states, if you happen to be in the states. Glad to have you join up here, have a look around. I think you'll find we have a lively forum here, and we try to have some fun in between talking pinball.



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It's been done, david (evidently by committee!); it's available at IR. As I recall (I'm not at home right now to try it out again) one interesting thing about it is that the dragon's (more like a hydra, actually) heads are actually some sort of 3-d targets, whose mouths "close" when they're hit. It would be interesting to see how that works (and plays) in real life!


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If you get a table of any kind you have to value it, I dont get to play real pins much and value it as much as playing golf when I get to play a pin, even an em(I don't get to play golf that much and love it).
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