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Fixed View camera question


Inserted Coin
Is there any way to change the view angle on Fixed View? I like not having the camera try to follow ball and make me sea sick, but the view is too low. I almost feel like I'm 10 years old and barely tall enough to see over the rail as I look at the play field... It would be great to be able to lift the back end of the table so I can see more of the play field. Please let me know if there is a way to change it. Thanks!


Pinball Wizard
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Its a feature in BAM. You have 3 additional camera views you can set yourself. Don't know the exact link, but the info is at GoPinball.


Pinball Wizard
There are lots of ways now through BAM to change camera views both for cabs and desktop users.
There are some camera views that are now automatic from the BAM menu if you wish to enable that.

We are happy to discuss this further for those interested
Slam is using Camera view coding in his recent releases during multiball in his games
I included it a recent Indiana Jones mod where for desktop users the camera will zoom into the back box during the Back box minigames (Mine cart, Raven bar, Choose Wisely)


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Try pressing F2 after you start a game. Some of the other F keys change views also. You can manually move the camera by pressing F11.