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Williams Flash Pinball 15 balls per game


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Hey guys i am having a problem with my Williams Flash Pinball. The game as 2 issues.

1) It gives 2 credits per coin.

2) It give about 15 balls per player.

This seemed to be a easy fix in the program options. How ever i cant change the settings in the program as they are blanked out. And even if i could the settings to the balls it can only be programmed to either 3 balls or 5. Same goes for the credits i can't make any adjustments. I have since ordered 3 roms and installed them but this didn't fix my issue.

I also tried the Master reset with dip switch 7 with no luck. I have looked at the bus 02 on test point 5 or might have been 6 and the wave form looked a little funky on top of the 5vdc but i have a bad probe :( so i could trust it. I have a new one on order and going to retest.

Anyone have any ideas please let me know. I have party coming up in 2 weeks and would like to have this fixed by then.

FWI http://www.pinfestival.com/ I will be their hope to see you all soon. -= SAL=-


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Ok so here is what I found speaking to friends in the pinball repair business. Williams made Flash on system 4 - 6. I believe the issue I am having is jumper related. Depend on the rom installed the jumpers will be need to be moved on the board. If anyone knows what the jumpers are set to please post it. I haven't had any luck finding them.


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In case if anyone is tracking my post I thought I would update it in hopes it will help someone.

I found the jumper settings and everything is correct if you are using a system 6 and IC 26, 22, 21 Proms and IC 20 and 17 Roms then jumper J4 should be place. If you are using only IC 20, 17, and 14 Roms and epromt then jumper J3 should be in place. These Jumpers changes the address to know which chip to pull data from.

My problem is bus02 as it should be a 5vdc square wave @ 1.1ųs tested on TP6. I am getting a shark fin wave form with maybe a but a ripple. I am going to change the 5101 cmos ram as they are easy to come by but I think the real problem lies in the ram chips. The signal comes from both RAM ICs pin 10 and goes to an AND gate build in IC12 . So I am going to try to hunt down some 6810 ram chips and will let u guys know.

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Ike Savage

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I never did own an SS machine, so this is pretty well over my head.

Others know much better... if they happen to see this post. :eek:


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New update. FIXED

I fixed my problem someone soldered a incorrect cmos ram ic 19 on a system6 board. It should have been a 5101. I picked one from the pinfest in Allentown P.A. I also got a couple more on Ebay for 5 bucks. My wave form still looks like crap so I am going to change some caps out on the board. But at less I can program the game and play the correct amount of balls.


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Good job spotting the wrong chip. Troubleshooting a board is that much harder when someone replaces a part with a wrong one. Great Plains Electronics is a good place for caps and the interconnecter parts.