Flying Dutchman's 'Backglass Paradise'

Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman
Please find below the link to all available Backglass Images I've recreated from material found on the Web based on the 'real' Pinball-tables.
I'm trying to get as close to the original as possible .. (with the material gathered - Thanks to Mr. Hide & vati1!).

Simply click on the image(s) you would like to download, and get them ..

They can be used in conjunction with VP recreated Pinball tables as purpose to simulate the original Backglass and so to be shown on a 2nd screen/monitor.

They are already converted into the convenient .png format and so also compatible with the HyperPin FrontEnd.

Updated regularly!

Have Fun! ;)

Flying Dutchman's 'Backglass Paradise'



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Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman
Thanks Bob .. I intent to try and keep it as close to the original Backglasses as possible, with the, sometimes limited 'available' material I have/get.

14 May - I've recreated and added the following Backglasses:
Bally: Dr. Dude,
Capcom: AirBorne
Gottlieb: Cactus Jack's, Class Of 1812, Panthera

Follow the link below to download .. and enjoy! ;)

Flying Dutchman's 'Backglass Paradise'


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Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman
Update On Available Backglass Images

17 May 2009 - I've re-created & uploaded the following Backglasses:

Bally: Centaur, City Slicker, Party Zone, Playboy, Xenon
Capcom: BreakShot
Misc.: Canasta, Brunswick Manufacturing Company: Alive
Stern: Cheetah, Cue, World Poker Tour
Williams: The Flintstones, The Getaway

Simply follow the link below ..


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Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman
19 May - I've re-created & uploaded the following Backglasses

Bally: Escape From The Lost World, Rolling Stones, Silverball Mania
Data East: King Kong, RoboCop
Gottlieb: Devil's Dare, Krull
Misc.: Jolly Park - Spinball, Magic Castle - Zaccaria, Pole Position - Sonic
Stern: QuickSilver




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Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman
25 May 2009 - Re-created & updated the following Backglasses

Bally: Creature From The Black Lagoon, Dr. Who, Indianapolis 500, SafeCracker, Theatre Of Magic, Who Dunnit
Sega: Frankenstein
Stern: Ted Nugent
Williams: AlienPoker, Bram Stokers Dracula, Congo, Cosmic Gunfight, Hurricane, The Flintstones

Click the link below & have fun ;)

Flying Dutchman's 'Backglass Paradise'


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Heres a couple you can add. (Original translite repro templates.)

NOTE: With the right filter they can be upscaled extremely well, which means when done right you can easily at the very least double the size without loosing a significant amount of quality.

Courtesy of some shop that makes translites, forgot the name because i downloaded them years ago but you know who you are.


Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman
28 May - I've re-created & updated the following Backglasses:

Bally: Creature From The Black Lagoon, Elektra, Strange Science, Transporter The Rescue, Who Dunnit
Data East: Time Machine
Gottlieb: Pinball Pool, Spring Break, Victory
Misc. Odin-Sonic
Stern: Flight 2000
Williams: Diner, Sorcerer

Special thanks to Toxie, Extra Ball, Phoenixx, wtiger & TAB for their contribution.
And of course the 'Pinball Database' for research on how the original Backglasses actually look like


Click the link:
http://[URL=""Flying Dutchman's 'Backglass Paradise'


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While I'm out in the wild I'll have to take pics of FULL backglasses for use in this project. Someday I'll have a rig to take advantage of the duel monitor setup.

Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman
I can recommend a dual monitor setup .. not only for cabinet play but also for VP8 & VP9 - 4:3 tables .. it adds a LOT of reality & fun to the gameplay!


Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman
I'm gladd it's appreciated Pinball Nirvana Forums - View Profile: Meecro Hyperion@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: Meecro Hyperion</title>@@AMEPARAM@@Meecro Hyperion

There's some more to enjoy:

02 June - I've recreated, improved the following Backglasses

Bally: Attack & Revenge From Mars, Doctor Who, Pinball Magic
Data East: Lethal Weapon, Maverick, Jurassic Park
Gottlieb: Haunted House, The Amazing Spiderman
Williams: FishTales, Funhouse, Taxi, The Flintstones

Flying Dutchman's 'Backglass Paradise'

Have fun! ;)


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Hopefully, in the next couple days, I will get the next chunk of the shivaSite archives back in. It will be quality over quanity, but still have just under 5000 files, and about half way done with finding and sorting.

Unlike other sites, this is the best of each type of image I have, and I was very selective, there are a lot of empty sections because what I had didn't make the grade. Be a lot of backglasses in there, as each folder is set to be a one stop place for all resources for a particular table.

Still, wouldn't mind filling out some of those blank spots though. :)
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