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Future Pinball [Help]


Pinball Nudger
I just installed Future Pinball To my Laptop . I d\l 2 tables and I am getting to different error messages. The first table is DeadHunters , I get Pinball Meditation Error. Script Error:Line 66384 Variable is Undefined: 'BulbOff' The 2nd table is Cleopatra The error Is Pinball Mediatation Error Script Error: line 41 Variable is Undefined 'nvBallsPerGame' . How do I get theses tables to run . Please Help !!! Thanks in advance .

Ike Savage

Froggy like robot
Staff member
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What FP installation did you use, and where did you DL the tables from?

I don't mess with FP much, but I could try to work through the issues if you like.