Game of Thrones abandoned table (free to a good home)


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Hi everyone, I'm Francisco666 I come here from GoPinball and I have been doing tables for some time now, with some years of break.

Lately I've been working on Games of Thrones but the current situation and real life again prevents me from continuing to work this pinball table.

Honestly, it seemed like a good one and I didn't want to leave it, but it really is impossible. If someone wants to continue I will leave the link here (I hope not to violate any rule) you could say that it is 30% done.

Greetings to all and apologies




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Hi Francisco,
Mate huge fan of all your tables, there are so many it's hard to pick a favorite.
I am certain many others would also agree, you are the "Ultimate" table author/creator/designer of all time.
Your contributions to the FP community are second to none and all I can say is Thank You!!!

I have been posting mod's of your tables for years, I hope that is OK!, cheers! :hail:


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It is great to see you here! We have missed you.

Like NitroNimbus said, you have many tables. My favorite is Attack From Mars but Funhouse is cool too. I posted an update of AFM here:

I will look at GOT. ...But I may not be able to do much if it requires much coding. @Gimli and @popotte are the best coders I know but they don't appear to have much spare time either.


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Never apologize for not having time to work on a table. You have given many gifts to the community, so any work you have done is appreciated.

Very nice of you to offer the table here for anyone to work on.


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Salut popotte , j'espère que tu vas bien:wink: Je ne sais pas vraiment ce que tu veux dire par "just tell me". En tout cas si tu avais le temps et la patience (les capacités tu les as) de teminer cette table, ce serait GENIAL. c'est une demande pas du tout une pression....en parlant de "pression", je sens que je vais boire une bonne bière ce midi, je suis tenté par une Saint Bernadus 12°( ressemble très fort à la trappiste Westvletetren très difficile à trouver et un peu à la Chimay bleue qui est peut-être toujours ta préférée :wink:)
Je pense que tu l'apprécierais !
A ta santé et bonne journée.
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