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Geez 6 threads since 2006....


Inserted Coin
Guess it's not a very active board.

If someone comes along in the next year or so I have a question. Do you know of a forum that guys like talking about collecting EM pinballs? I'm new to it. (4 so far)


vpf does tend to deal mostly with virtual pinballs
but there are many collectors over there who post about Em's
and how to fix or clean them bur have fun looking for others who also collect Em's

Ike Savage

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Well, there's a lot of PB-related forums where that's the case. Best IMO is to give the closest match.


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Closest match I know of and Aussies. ;)


You do need to register to view the forums.

They have a very extensive, active site and a pinball section including...

  1. General Pinball Discussion.
    • Threads: 5,171
    • Posts: 80,885
    Pinball Life order
    by shootar75

    1 Hour Ago
  2. New Pinball Discussion

    (2 Viewing)
    Place to discuss all the latest releases from Stern, Jersy Jack etc.
    • Threads: 7
    • Posts: 3,298
    Predator Pinball
    by shootar75

    1 Hour Ago
  3. Pinball Restoration Questions and Help

    (1 Viewing)
    The place to ask for advice on Restoring Pinball Machines. (use the tech forum for electrical faults)
    • Threads: 200
    • Posts: 1,672
    super spin problem
    by millsy56

    8 Hours Ago
  4. EM (Electromechanical) Pinball Restorations

    Post your EM Pinball Project pictures and logs here.
    • Threads: 76
    • Posts: 1,835
    1976 Bally Aladdin's Castle
    by clarky351

    1 Week Ago
  5. Solid State (SS) Pinball Restorations

    Post your SS Pinball Project pictures and logs here.
    • Threads: 102
    • Posts: 2,781
    Harlem globe trotters tidy up
    by Dedrok

    6 Hours Ago
  6. DMD (Dot Matrix display) Pinball Restorations

    Post your DMD Pinball Project pictures and logs here.
    • Threads: 142
    • Posts: 3,505
    Scared Stiff
    by Dicky

    1 Day Ago
  7. Home Brew Pinball Projects

    Non Commercial Pinball Projects.
    • Threads: 20
    • Posts: 580
    Haunted House Multi Ball
    by joker poker

    1 Week Ago
  8. Pinball Technical and Repairs

    (1 Viewing)
    Request help on Pinball repairs..
    1. Common Problems listed by Machine/Manufacturer,
    2. Pinball Repair Logs,
    3. Pinball Guides, Tech Tips and Tricks,
    4. Pinball Mods

    • Threads: 1,883
    • Posts: 16,735
    Funhouse, Rudy not playing...
    by flynnyfalcon

    11 Hours Ago
  9. Pinball High Scores

    High Scores from AA Members.
    • Threads: 85
    • Posts: 1,457
    AC/DC Limited Edition High...
    by GORGAR 1

    20 Hours Ago
  10. Pinball Polling Booth

    Vote for your favourite pinball today!
    • Threads: 34
    • Posts: 873
    One, over-priced pinball...
    by joker poker

    3 Weeks Ago
  11. Pinball History and Trivia
    1. Pinball Podcasts - By Darksoul

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