Gottlieb System 80 Tilt Help!


Pinball Nudger
I hate the fact that my first post on here is a tech question.
But I'm at a loss right now.
Here's the story....
I've been looking to add a pinball to my collection for way too many years, I found a non working 1980 Gottlieb Panthera on CL for $200.
Guy said it played fine until they left it unplugged for 6 months. When they turned it back on, it would not do anything but the lights would come on.
So.. I though an easy fix right? Wrong!
First thing I noticed there was a fuse blown, Replaced and it powered up, but the tilt relay was stuck and the playfield would not light up.
I've done the required ground upgrades, the slam switch mod, and double checked all connections on all of the boards.
It still goes right into tilt mode and will not boot when you power it up.
If I disconnect the main power supply to the CPU board, the tilt relay will reset, but nothing will work.
If I manually lift the Q relay(game over) the flippers and bumpers will work but will not do anything else.
I would really appreciate any input and will try to contribute to the forum with what little knowledge I have, rather than just ask for help.
And a great site!