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happy holidays from pinballdaveh!!


RIP Ruby. Whosa good dog?
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This update is because of their questions. 'Ray' wanted to know if Tom Waits played "Mr. Renfield" in 1979 version of 'Dracula'... I and IMDB don't know..
Waits played Renfield in Coppola's version of Dracula. Tom is a frequent collaborator with Coppola. Just listen to the outstanding soundtrack he did for One From the Heart... one of the few times in history that a soundtrack is light-years better than the movie.
BTW, if you're a Waits and Burroughs fan, you should try The Black Rider, in which Burroughs co-writes three songs and "sings" on one of them.


Ike Savage

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what a amazing, awesome post. cool stuff. are you guys done fighting now?
oh, i just noticed those quotes from coily... great stuff!

fighting... i don't recall much fighting... mostly just me being a bored, obnoxious asshole. :)
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