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hey, a new version


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I've been very remiss in working with Pinball Creator. Getting the unfinished projects done, christmas, personal stuff, my entire computer being reformated to get rid of Win10 and go back to my customized version of win8.1, stuff like that. Anyway, old news, but PC has gone to 2.0

"Hi there,

Pinball 2.0 is now available on the asset store.

New : All scripts are now in C#.
New : Module to create missions easily.

Don’t forget to make a copy of your project before updating to 2.0 ;)
It is possible to convert your table but you need to make it manually.
Read documentation What’s new 2.0."

I have unity back in now, and will reload PC in, and give it a whirl, as I do intend to move on towards Unity and various things once All my unfinished stuff is done. The C# stuff is a bit scary, but the mission creator though is a great idea.


Paul - How goes Pinball Creator? I haven't had any time to get back into pinball creation on any level. Love to know if you have more thoughts on PC.



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Not going at the moment. I'm pretty busy in real life, and in my spare time, I'm working on a new original design for FP called Jungle Girl at the moment, which is slow going as I am making a meal of it. Still lots of fun, learning new things. You can track the very slow pre-WIP progress at the facebook page. I will finish this, then get back to unity and start learning that. sometime....
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