How to clean rubber rings on game?


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Does anyone know how to best clean the rubber rings on a pinball game? I don't want to have to buy new ones right now.

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I think a lot of people use NAPTHA (yeah, the lighter fluid, makes for a great cleaner).
When I encounter dirty rubber, usually they need replaced. But if they are just dirty then certainly you can just clean them.

Oh, & I think "Bleche White" (for tires) might be another product often used, cleans & keeps them white.
In fact that might be your best bet.

Here is one of a few threads you can find via google about cleaning up rubbers & what you can do, there are other suggestions out there...


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No! I did this: Fold a paper towel, spray the paper towel with windex and pull the rubber through the paper towel. I did this for several years as I serviced games at one time.


Formula 409 and Fantastic both work well cleaning rubbers. NEVER USE LIGHTER FLUID this is extremely volatile and may catch fire if you don't get all the residue off the rubbers and they start to get hot. it also makes for a more slippery rubber since lighter fluid is petroleum based. Lacquer Thinner works in a pinch but this stuff will strip all the oils out of the rubbers so it's a hit and miss situation I know pin stores (Betsons) sell rubber cleaners but I don't know the price and I used to stretch them over the plunger and wipe the stretched rubber with the cleaner this way it gets into all the nooks and crannies too since it is stretched