I had a dream this morning...


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One of those early morning dreams that I actually remembered after waking up then sleeping again to catch another 40 winks..

So it went like this I was in back at High School and was in a pinball club.

We had one virtual pinball located in the open outside of the then empty fenced swimming pool. I went to play the pinball then before I could start the pool filled up and Ike whom was a penguin swam up and announced that noone could play and everyone was to meet in the pool area to await the presidents announcement ( my last boss where I used to be employed ).

After which I had a discussion with Ike as to why he didn't seem to play pinball so much anymore he replied and I agreed with him, the details I can't recall.

Whilst waiting for the president whom never arrived we built make shift sun shelters, me and another I know from the local hotel Sunday drinking session, Big Wal were sharing a shelter.

Then the wind lifted us into the air and we had a fun time flying around until the whole shelter fell apart and we fell harmlessly to the ground.

That's it...

Strange and all as dreams are, still perhaps on reflection there was some meaning to it all.


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Clearly, you have a pent up obsession about pinball that needs to be quelled and Ike quells it so you can spend time with Big Wal.

Just kidding! I have no idea what it means.

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