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I Saw This Crazy Acer Predator Box at Frys Electronics

Ike Savage

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i have an awesome black industrial rack case PC that someone put on the curb a few years ago in drexel hill. it has the heavy mounting handles and the internal frames and casing, circle key-locking system faceplates with plexiglass windows, and is made for modern PC size specs... just that it's built like a sherman tank and i have no foreseeable use for this rugged old MI5-looking thing. sad. of course it's probably worth very little these days in today's market, but is such a beautifully-made piece that i hate to see it just sit in one of my closets gathering dust weevils.

some day, sleepy, when you decide to drive all the way from LA to CLE to see the spectacular historic RnR HOF :D, you can swing by and take this beautiful dino and those funky old roland MIDIs off my hands. fresh sushi and $30 of gas money is on me to fuel you back up. :p


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Actually I would be more interested in finding out if the juice orchard that we stopped at in Ohio '64 is still there.

It was fresh squeezed fresh from the field with 20+ varieties of juice, apple, wild raspberry, orange, all you can drink and I mixed red apple and cranberry.
I didn't even get sick from it.

It would be a shame if the live orchard has been replaced by a 'modern city-something'.

Out here we used to stop at Sacamoto's Garden, tended by Mr. Sacamoto.
A Garden lot, owner-operated and everything fresh, but it vanished 30 years ago. It was Great for fresh Zucchini. Back then there were also roadside garden stands along both Topanga Canyon and Kanan Rd.,. but you need a car to get up in the mountains where that is. Both roads have been celebrated in song lyrics by artists who have been there.
Farther along towards the coast in the same area of Malibu Canyon is where the M*A*S*H* camp used in the t.v. series was located.

Well that was off-topic, but Ohio and Pennsylvania have personal meaning that the modern era has breached. What I could get or do there that may be no more. And the Wyse Potato Chips.
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