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Inkochnito's score and instruction cards update


Instructioncard creator
The next update has been done some days ago.
I just had not gotten around to posting a message about the update.
Well, here it is.

I've put in a lot of time collecting all information I could find about the Stern M-200 mpu games.
Those are: Ali, Big Game, Catacomb, Cheetah, Dragon Fist, Flight-2000, Freefall, Galaxy, Iron Maiden, Lightning, Meteor, Nine Ball, Orbitor 1, Quicksilver, Seawitch, Split Second, Star Gazer, Viper.
All this information has now been put into Tech Charts and added to the allready long list.
A link for every game has also been placed in the Stern Electronics section.
I could still use a little help with the Viper lamp wire colors.
These are not in the manual and schematics I could find.

On request I added Bally Hi-Deal, Odds & Evens and Star Jet.
Bell Games New wave is based on Bally Black Pyramid and I've changed the Bally file to match the New Wave cards.

Gamplan Pinball Lizard was also added on request.

Geiger Lady Death is a conversion game of Bally Mata Hari and
Geiger Super Stars is a conversion of Evel Knievel.
Both Geiger games are added with converted card files.

A few Gottlieb games are also added, like Crescendo, Lucky Strike, Poseidon, Psychedelic, Rancho, Spot Pool, Stock Car.
Those are mostly export games for Italy, but for collector most wanted.
Gottlieb Happy Days got some more cards added to the file.

Someone asked me for a Keeney No Gambling Notice card.
The ipdb had an image and from this image I was able to create a file for this card.
You can find it in the Various section.
Maybe some other games can also use this.

I created a file for the text on the back of the Bally/Williams backbox games.
Something some people wanted for a long time.

I added Williams Golden Gloves to the Williams section on request.

Some smaller files are also added, but please see the list of changes below.

That's all for now.
I hope you all like my work.

If you like my work, please send me a donation via PayPal.

1 april 2020 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Hi Deal zip file added
Bally Odds & Evens zip file added
Bally Sky Divers zip file corrected
Bally Star Jet zip file added
Bell Games New Wave zip file added
Gameplan Pinball Lizard zip file added
Geiger Lady Death zip file added
Geiger Super Stars zip file added
Gottlieb Crescendo zip file corrected
Gottlieb Happy Days cards added zip file
Gottlieb Lucky Strike zip file added
Gottlieb Poseidon zip file added
Gottlieb Psychedelic zip file added
Gottlieb Rancho zip file added
Gottlieb Royal Pair zip file added
Gottlieb Space Walk zip file corrected
Gottlieb Spot Pool zip file added
Gottlieb Stock Car zip file added
Gottlieb Top Card zip file corrected
No Gambling Notice zip file added (Gottlieb)
Stern Ali Tech Chart added
Stern Big Game Tech Chart added
Stern Catacomb Tech Chart added
Stern Cheetah Tech Chart added
Stern Dragon Fist Tech Chart added
Stern Flight-2000 Tech Chart added
Stern Freefall Tech Chart added
Stern Galaxy Tech Chart added
Stern Iron Maiden Tech Chart added
Stern Lightning Tech Chart added
Stern Meteor Tech Chart added
Stern Nine Ball Tech Chart added
Stern Orbitor 1 Tech Chart added
Stern Qiuck Silver Tech Chart added
Stern Seawitch Tech Chart added
Stern Split Second Tech Chart added
Stern Star Gazer Tech Chart added
Stern Viper (preliminary) Tech Chart added
Williams Play Adjustment label zip file added
Williams Backbox Tekst zip file added
Williams Golden Gloves zip file added
Williams STD-461 label zip file added


Instructioncard creator
A large update this time.
I've corrected some Tech Charts and added a Tech Chart for Williams Comet.
Chicago Coin Gun Smoke got added, along with a set of score cards.
The Bally coil wrapper for the droptarget bank coils needed to be adjusted.
That would be the NB-26-1900, NO-26-1900, NO-27-2300 coils.
On the German forum I found two pdf files.
One for the Data East Quick Loc and one for the Williams Schnapp Verschluss (both in German).
On Pinside a file was posted for the relay label for a Gottlieb Jumping Jack.
Thank you leckmeck!
I received an email with a card and labels for Gottlieb World Champ.
Some got added to the World Champ file and some got their own file.
I found an index card for Gottlieb Snow Queen and with this card I was able to add all the score cards.
As Snow Derby is the same game as Snow Queen, I added the same cards to Snow Derby.
A Self Test Display Numbers file is now available for Stern Big Game.
Last month I started on revisiting all the Zaccaria files.
This month I completed the list and all the files are done.
I removed the score cards from the instruction card files and made a seperate file for the score cards.
Now you can put the score cards together anyway you like.
If I missed any, please let me know.
Please take a look at the list below to see all the changes.

Enjoy pinball and stay safe,
If you like my work, please send me a donation via PayPal.

31 may 2020 changes
New made or updated card files:

Bally Baby Pac-Man Please Note label zip file added
Bally Dr. Dude Tech Chart corrected
Bally Eight Ball Deluxe LE Tech Chart corrected
Bally Grand Slam Tech Chart corrected
Bally Paragon Tech Chart corrected
Bally Speakeasy Tech Chart corrected
Chicago Coin Gun Smoke zip file added
Coil wrapper for Bally NB-26-1900 corrected
Coil wrapper for Bally NO-26-1900 corrected
Coil wrapper for Bally NO-27-2300 corrected
Coil wrapper for Williams C2-26-800 added
Coil wrapper for Williams M-30-1400 added
Data East Achtung Quick-Lock red label added
Gottlieb Jumping Jack relay labels pdf file added
Gottlieb score cards listing updated
Gottlieb SK91-10 Transformer card zip file added
Gottlieb SK130 Very Important card zip file added
Gottlieb SK156-2 110V Warning on coin door label zip file added
Gottlieb SK264 Hanger for back door key label zip file added
Gottlieb SK307-3 Match Feature label zip file added
Gottlieb SK338-28 25 cent chute adjustment label zip file added
Gottlieb Snow Derby cards added to zip file
Gottlieb Snow Queen cards added to zip file
Gottlieb World Champ cards and labels zip file added
No Gambling Notice card added to zip file (in the various section)
Stern Big Game Self Test Display Numbers pdf file added
Stern Big Game Switch Assignments pdf file added
Stern Lightning cards added to zip file
Williams Achtung Schnapp Verschluss red label added
Williams Cabaret cards added to zip file
Williams Comet Tech Chart added
Williams Liberty Bell cards added to zip file
Williams STD-299-1 Point Score Adjustment label zip file added
Williams STD-606 Prom-Rom Jumpers sound board type-1 label added
Zaccaria Moon Flight Italian card added to zip file
Zaccaria Nautilus zip file corrected
Zaccaria PinBall Champ zip file corrected
Zaccaria Pool Champion zip file corrected
Zaccaria Robot zip file corrected
Zaccaria score cards zip file corrected
Zaccaria Shooting the Rapids zip file corrected
Zaccaria Soccer Kings zip file corrected
Zaccaria Space Shuttle zip file corrected
Zaccaria Spooky zip file corrected
Zaccaria Star God zip file corrected
Zaccaria Strike EM zip file corrected
Zaccaria Strike zip file corrected
Zaccaria Supersonic zip file corrected
Zaccaria Ten Stars zip file corrected
Zaccaria Time Machine zip file corrected
Zaccaria Universe zip file corrected
Zaccaria Winter Sports zip file corrected


Instructioncard creator
It's been two month from my last report.
Now both june and july posting in one report.
The three System-9 games (Comet, Space Shuttle and Sorcerer) got their Tech Charts now.
Bally Spy Hunter has gotten a total review and is complete with score insert strips.
The same goes for Williams Word Cup, complete with score strips.
Over time more games will get these score strips added.
A few coil wrappers are added on request.
A lot of minor changes in some files, mostly corrections.
Just take a look in the listing below.

Enjoy pinball and stay safe,
If you like my work, please send me a donation via PayPal.

30 june 2020 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally 4 Queens zip file added
Bally Spy Hunter cards added to zip file
Gottlieb Bronco cards added to zip file
Gottlieb score cards added to the listing
Stern Big Game Tech Chart corrected
Williams Comet Tech Chart corrected
Williams Magic City cards added to zip file
Williams Sorcerer Tech Chart added

31 july 2020 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Dr. Dude Tech Chart corrected
Bally Hi-Lo Ace zip file added
Stern J-25-450 34-4500 coil wrapper file added
Williams A-15016 coil wrapper file added
Gottlieb Big House zip file corrected
Stern Disco zip file corrected
Williams Comet Tech Chart corrected
Williams Dipsy Doodle cards added to zip file
Williams Expo cards added to zip file
Williams Skill Pool card added to zip file
Williams Sorcerer Tech Chart corrected
Williams Space Shuttle Tech Chart added
Williams Terminator 2 cards added to zip file
Williams World Cup cards added to zip file
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