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Pinball Wizard
I just wanted to show you what I have been doing during my summer vacation (only 3 days left :( ).

After seeing Jamin's TOM, I thought I should forget to make my version since his table looks very nice. But then I thought "Why not? My table will be different", and so I started with it.

As you can see the table will be as "clean" as posible. And by "clean" I mean that you'll be able to see the ball mostly during the whole game.

The table will be for VP9 only, without any reel, and it will be a little different from to original, as you can see by the screenshot.
I have finished most of the graphics, but still there are a few of them to do, so now will be to finish the VP part and the script.



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Pinball Nudger
Thank you JP i love this table and i know your version will be unbelievable, thanks for your effort can't wait to play it. Your right Jamins is great but both of yours will be different from each others. i also can't wait too play your spiderman and any other tables you come up with. Sorry your Vacation is almost over but in time you'll have more of them, they do go fast i sure do know that. Dave P.


Like I was expecting anything less than absolute brilliance! great table as always!! can't wait for more pics on your progress too!


Pinball Wizard
I've finish enough of the script to start the table with vpm :)

There will be a few new things in this table, like new fading lights (yes, again I have changed a little the subs, and I think the fading is much better now). I also added some animation to the slings.

And since the slowdowns in the graphics in VP9 are a thing of the past, I'll add full fading to the GI and flashers. Before I use to make the flashers and GI just turn on and off to save some cpu power.

Well, here it is another WIP shot (very similar to the first one).




sXe And Better Than You
I think that was a personal change by JP so one can see the ball up in the rollovers better.
I'm still astonished that there will be no need for the mirror in this version.

The McD


Pinball Wizard
Well, the tiger will be on the back, I want it there. But since I'll make it will walls it is be a matter of moveing those walls where you want. The old tables and Jamin's atble already have the tiger in the right place. I just want to make my table with less toys but still looking similar to the original.

About the errors "cannot create off..." I think it has to do with the amout of memory of the graphics card. It may also be some graphics which are in the wrong format (I'm not an expert so I'm not sure). I can run all my tables with hardware rendering at a resolution of 1400x1050, which is my monitor max resolution at a 4:3 format. All my tables but TOTAN run at 1680x1050, so I guess I reached the limit of my graphic card in the 2nd computer, a 6800GT with 256Mb. But they all run fine on my new (sort of :) ) 9500GS with 512Mb.

Yes, TheMcD, as you can see in the screenshot, there is no need for a mirror :)

Now the trunk is more difficult to program than I thought. I was thinking in using a mech definition and only add a sub to check the magnet ball. That's easier to say than to make. But I'll fix it sooner or later.



Pinball Wizard
And here it is the last wip. The final table will look like this, more or less.
The table is almost ready, just now I'm just debugging the script and making the last changes.
The trunk was a pain in the "piiiiiiiiiiiiiiip" :) so I dropped the idea of using a mech definition and I did just like Jamin: used the old code as the base. Of course I had to change the number of walls from 24 to 36 (why I always have to change things :) ), and it is proving to be difficult to adjust. I also changed the way the ball hits the trunk and I made a real opening so the ball really goes inside the trunk on the side wall which has the opening.
So I guess it won't take too long before I'll release it.




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Thats Magic alright!

Very clean as always,...im not playing a lot of VP lately but i will definitely try this one out!

Thanks for presenting. :color:


Pinball Wizard
Looks incredible... it's great to see a new JP version of this classic table (which is among the top 5 pinball machines ever made)...!!
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