just curious ... why does everyone work in vp8 and vp9?


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This is the oldest virtual pinball forum on the internet, and we do have some very old downloads. VPX authors generally have established themselves on other newer forums and post releases there. We have very few active VP table authors here ATM so that is why.

That said things may change or may not as at the whims of authors and or when other sites go down or become unmaintained as has been the case in the past. For example a lot of cutting edge Future Pinball authors are now using this site.
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Ike Savage

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I haven't really ever looked through the site and i dont see much vpx.
Adding on to what Steve said, we do have 60+ VPX tables here, and a convenient tagging system that lets you see them (or other tagged tables) with a single click. For example:

Many more of the simpler VP8 & VP9 tables also work in VPX, so the true VPX total is much greater than 60.

We also have a small handful of authors who continue to release tables here, and they tend to specialise in older / antique tables. So Pinball Nirvana, aside from being an active FP site, has a strong focus on both historical VP content and newly-released historical table builds.
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