Kiss Lamp Issue


Pinball Nudger
I have been refurbing a Kiss machine for a friend.
I have the play field all done.
Everything works and lights, as it should.
I have cleaned all 5 LED displays, and they work as they should.

I have cleaned all the lamp sockets on the display and replaced all the bulbs.
Other than a few of the lamps running down the left side of the display none of the bulbs light.
From what I have read; the Aux board controls the KISS lamps... The "S" works, and a couple bulbs in the "I" are very dim.

I've cleaned all the connections on the LED Lamp Driver and the Auxiliary Lamp Driver. Nothing "appears" to be blown on either board.

I'm considering just buying new boards, but I don't want to do that if there are other things I should test now.

I appreciate any help.