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Linux Pinball, The day of small beginings. (I need your support)


Pinball Nudger
I am trying to revive the Emilia Pinball project for linux.
I think one of its main reasons for its low take up, was it had no support forum,or central place to instruct users and up/downlaod tables.
If there was a central place I feel the project could take off again and possibly become yet another pinball emulation possibility.
Even better if it became cross platform.
You can help, by joining this forum http://linuxpinball.freeforums.org/index.php (Very basic and infant, but just a begining)
This way you will be notified of any new progress.

Regards Benny


Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
Hey Benny,
Even better if it became cross platform.

That's it. Emilia needs Emilia for Windows, but there was a version for Windows many years ago, but it was Player Only with no editor.
There was a version of Ballys Dolly Parton released for it, but it was very basic and was never upgraded.

Apart from that, the physics and graphics at that time needed work, but I'll give it another look.


Pinball Wizard
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Hmm, a quick look says the project hasn't been updated since 2004 and there is no download for Windows, no .zip,
only tar.gz (Linux) available.

But I am open to other pinball programs. There is Emilia and someone a while ago tried a pinball editor in Java, but again, very basic.



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No wine won't do it, VP is very MS consentric, with Direct x and .net, never seen it work. ;)
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