Made a start on a Flash Gordon re-work...


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I notice that the left ramp looks like two triangle shaped pieces. Is that the way the image is or is that two objects put together?


Pinball Wizard
No, thats a shadow from the right wall of the ramp, and the GI light under the top of the Ming Plastic.



Pinball Wizard
Its done! I've uploaded it here and at the org, as well as on my site.

Second Release v3.0 8-25-2009

The whole table is animated now, and I've added support for both the Squawk and Talk rom, and the Vocalizer rom sets.

This version was built in VP 8, and It seems to work fine in VP 9 as well, though the physics are different.

I am currently working on a 16:9 cabinet version, just as I did with Mata Hari.

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