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Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN (wide screen (VP9.2))


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Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN (wide screen (VP9)) version 1.1

I noticed while testing a couple of issues.

First, Sometimes the lights would go off if you hit a saucer without the maze ready (not enough moves to play it) which was incorrect.

Second, between players on a multi player game, when the drop targets are reset, they would pop up lit, though it happens in the dark.

Both these issues have been fixed in v1.1 which is up in the first post.

If it working correctly, as I think it is, the GI should be off at boot, come on a couple seconds later, go off when (1 is pressed and game over), and on as the targets reset just before ball feed, and off in a saucer only when pac-maze is ready for play.
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The more I tinker with the settings, trying to make this act like a pinball game, the more I realize it's futile.

Visual Pinball should be renamed Galactic Pinball because the physics have little to do with this Earth.

VP8 had issues with physics, but EVERYTHING that has been changed in VP9 is anti-physics. Scatter angles or leave it to 12 out of an infinite number of outcomes. Min and max slope makes no sense, and gravity and slope should be redundant. Oblique correction corrects nothing. It seems like ALL these settings are there to ensure that certain shots can be made and damn the 'tweens if any remain.

The theoretical resolution of the plunger is 25. 0 to 25. This is not good, let alone good enough. Still I can't get anywhere near 25.

I can hit the left lane, or the second from left drop target in the left bank all I want, but the left drop target is setting in that 'tween. I could add 2X gravity so the ball will arc down and hit it, I could add a scatter angle to the flippers so it could hit it if I want to or not, I could add oblique correction to target the angle. So many options this VP9 has.

We should donate money to the devs so they can work on computers that could handle numbers greater than 25, so these anti-physics could be taken out.


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Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN v1.3

The wide screen version for VP9.2

I'll attach it to the first post in this thread for now, pending more testing and feedback. It certainly is a release candidate though.

- Texture mapped maze (at least) lights. These shown will be refined.
- High resolution plunger. The keyboard is giving what appears to be the same resolution as the analog (joystick).
- Lighting for more elements.
- Flipper adjustments. Getting a little better (for my taste).
- Sounds added. For more dead hits.
- Back box brightened up a bit. But the digit display panels darkened a bit.
- More reflective ball, but with more subtle spots (scratches used to show rolling)
- Other minor adjustments.


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Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN (wide screen (VP9.2)) version 1.5

- The lower front side walls have been remodeled.
- The left pop bumper artifacts removed.
- Bits of lighted elements showing through dark things removed.
- Near all elements on the table reflect light.
- Table a little darker with slightly brighter lights
- Left upper side reflects a little light again.
- Back plastics now reflect some light.
- Some lights changed to show better. Some over lapping decals removed.
- Plunger settings I am actually happy with. Stronger with keys and weaker with analog to get the same power.
- Flipper settings that should do.

- The ball drops with the plunger. It don't on the real one, but it's not unheard of. This was not easy, without the plunger actually effecting the ball launch (It's an impulse plunger that launches the ball) but I could not figure out how to tell when the plunger was extended and so the ball would take off as soon as the plunger was released so way before the tip would hit the ball.
- The lights come on as the ball exits the saucers. I could not yet devise a way to get the ball to not kick out until that happens. So a slight studder there.

It's up now in the first post. I'll replace the file in the database soon.


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Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN version 1.9

Download from first post.

That will be all for a while because I have some other work to do now.


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I'll need to release one more tonight, because,

- One drop wall is tall enough to effect the ball reflection.
- I forgot to disable lights which were attached to the nudge keys.
- The script is mislabeled.


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Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN version 2.0

The fixes I mentioned above are in, and new is,

- Physics. Your experience may be different. These physics were set after I switched my computer to Turbo mode and changed the power settings to give full power. I did not think I would ever say this, but they are not too shabby for my taste. After adjusting my computer I was able to use the FXAA without a visible hit. And it even seems smoother and equally animated.

- The Pac-Man lights below the maze. They used decals and the brightness remained the same GI on or off. Now they use nothing but light wrapped around the respective images on the playfield. I'm not going to say they look better, but they do not stick out so much in the dark. This is as close as I think I can get to everything visible reflecting the GI lighting. The apron, and spinner and gate holder tops are above this and the plunger, spinners and gates have no easy method.


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Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN (wide screen (VP9)) version 2.1

In the downloads section. Direct link and screenshots in the first post.
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I replaced the upload because a last minute friction setting I made made the skill shot on a full plunge. This game is easy enough without that. In fact with the right dip switch settings, knowledge of the table, and basic skill, this could be rolled over nearly every game.

This is the final, as far as I am concerned, I'll update on report or request only.